How to hire secret agents in BitLife


    Mastering the art of running a successful secret agency in BitLife requires hiring the best agents. Below are some tips and tricks to help you recruit the most strategic minds for your secret agency in BitLife, maximizing your profits and keeping you one step ahead in the game.

    As mentioned above, hiring secret agents is essential to making profits for your secret agency. You will earn a lot of money by sending them on secret missions like trapping honey, extracting confidential documents and more.

    How to get secret agents for your agency in BitLife

    After starting your Secret Agency, you can find the Agent recruitment option under your Activities of the secret agency option. Here you can find a list of various secret agents to hire. However, the probability of hiring one is low since your agency is not popular and no one will be interested in joining.

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    How to Poach Secret Agents in BitLife

    So how do you hire Secret Agents as a new agency in the game? The answer is to steal agents from your rival agency. Use the Infiltrate option in the Activities tab and play the Infiltration minigame. This minigame consists of answering a simple question or connecting the tubes to hack your rival’s firewall. If done correctly, you will hack your rival’s server and gain access to their bank account and agent details. Press Agent Details and use the Poach option. Immediately, you will contact the agent and begin negotiating a new contract.

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    Offer them a contract at least. $50K more than your current contract and they will accept your offer. That’s all! You have hired a new agent for your company. Continue hunting for new agents until your company becomes popular with the community and your ratings increase. Once you have 50-60% approval rates, you can hire top-tier agents using the above method of browsing the page. Agent recruitment option.

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