Safari browser turns 20 today


    This day, twenty years ago, at Macworld Expo 2003, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs introduced the world to the Safari browser, which was created for Mac computers. At that time, Apple recognized that Safari was the fastest web browser ever made for the Mac.

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    According to Apple, Safari loaded several times faster than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer for Mac. Internet Explorer was the default browser on the Mac from 1998 until October 2003 when OS X Black Panther came into play.

    Safari is the fastest browser on Mac. We anticipate that a lot of people will consider that it is the best browser ever. Were bringing innovation back to this category with the new all-new browser in years, said Steve Jobs in 2003.

    The public beta version of Safari became available for the Android mobile version in January 2003. All the key browser features, webKit, browser rendering, and all the web search engines, pop-up ads and upload tools are available in the beta version of the application. The mobile version of Safari for the iPhone was released in 2007, and the browser was released on the iPad in 2010. At the same time, the browser still uses the WebKit engine, and this applies to all versions of the browser.

    It has been noted that Safari was finally introduced in 2008 by a browser with Chrome. It is the most popular browser for interacting with web content on computers and Macs. Apple continues to claim that Safari is the fastest Mac browser, especially since Chrome loads frequently visited sites 50% faster in average.

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