How to find a player to duel with Genshin Impact


    Before you begin your path to becoming the number one Genius Invokation TCG player in Teyvat, you must first unlock the game mode by accepting a quest called Come try the Genius Invocation TCG!, in the Battlefield of Dice, Cats, and Cards quest series. After completing the tutorial, you will be recognized as an official TCG player and prompted to find a player to duel with. Here is how to do it.

    How to find a player to duel in Come Try Genius Invokation TCG! mission – Genshin Impact

    Open your Gadget Inventory to find the Chest of Tomes, which is a permanent Gadget that you can use to search for NPCs to play the Genius Invokation TCG. During the mission, you will only be able to search for certain players, but the lineup expands once you have fully unlocked the game mode.

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    When selecting the Chest of Tomes, click search player at the bottom right of the screen to make a blue card appear on the world map and minimap. Indicates the location of the NPC you can fight with.

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    Head to the gates of Monstadt to find Swan. Talk to him and select adventure challenge to start playing your first duel. After completing the rest of the quest, you can use the Casket of Tomes to find other NPCs to play TCG with.

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