JRPG Blue Reflection Sun announced a new trailer


    The game Blue Reflection SUN is expected to be released on PC and mobile.

    This trailer introduces the game and focuses on cutscenes, and gives a glimpse of many characters well in this heroic JRPG.

    Out of the trailer, pre-registration has also started in Japan. They’re available on Google Play, the App Store and the DMM Game Player.

    The official broadcast was announced and planned for January 19th. She will appear in news, and some voices as well as a character designer, Mel Kishida.

    If you don’t know about Blue Reflection SUN, this game is the latest in Gust and Koei Tecmos’s Blue Reflection JRPG series, announced back in 2021 and remained under wraps until a few months ago. The game is going to be released for PC and mobile devices and isn’t announced yet. For now, only a Japanese launch has been announced. We don’t know if the game will be localized into English. If I were to wager, my answer would not be, but I have already been wrong.

    The game is considered a heroic JRPG and will feature a young protagonist for the first time in a franchise that has previously focused exclusively on schoolgirl heroines in Blue Reflection and Blue Reflection: Second Light, released in 2017 and 2021 respectively.


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