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    The mobile action RPG Rumble Heroes is packed with units to add to your team, so I’ve put together this Rumble Heroes tier list to help you find the best options.

    While you can’t control individual heroes during the game, your team composition really makes a difference as you progress. You’ll want a good mix of attack, defense, and utility heroes to be successful, so read on to see who tops the list.

    Hero Tier List for Rumble Heroes

    Level Hero
    Yes Jennifer Big Sickle, Mary Double Pistol, Holy Mace Paul, Spear Spike, Gupi Shotgun, Killy Spear
    TO Big Sword Grey, Boomerang Ray, Crow Bibi, Dancer Maya, Dark Kiara, Dr. Forge, Feather Corbin, Flame Sword Giselle, Heavy Armor Humphry, Mace Gilburt, Nurse Ivy, Skull Pop, Snow Yuki, Wave Talisay
    b Chico Backpack, Big Hammer Joe, Blind Matilda, Brave Uva, Calm Foe, Canon Waldo, Ego Sword Polly, Elemental Lisa, Epee Laura, Forest Vanessa, Magic Shot Sally, Shadow Issac, Strong Laura, Time Mia, Turban Coby, White Evelyn , white-haired Leo
    c Diamond Bob, Hero, Ice Bobo, Leaf Shot Tim, Nudie Jack, Olive Cindy, Orange Woody

    All Rumble Heroes heroes, ranked

    The rarity level of each hero in the game is a good indicator of their overall ability, but it’s not always on the money (hence our table below). Try to keep a good balance of skills on your team as well, allowing you to mix tanks with DPS heroes and perform both ranged and melee attacks. It’s also good to have some faster heroes to quickly close in on those ranged enemies.

    Best S Tier Heroes in Rumble Heroes

    These heroes are the cream of the crop. Once you have a full team of S-tier heroes with a good mix of skills, you’ll be able to get through even the toughest content in Rumble Heroes.

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    shotgun gupi

    In a frantic Rumble Heroes battle, if there’s anything better than dealing massive ATK damage, it’s doing it to multiple targets at once. While she may be slow, Shotgun Gupi adds this to your arsenal.

    Lance Pico

    It’s always nice to be able to deal with ranged attackers, which is where Lance Pico shines. Pico’s charge gets him into the mix quickly, while he has a high overall CP to back it up.

    Best A-Tier Heroes in Rumble Heroes

    A-level heroes serve you well throughout Rumble Heroeseven until the end of the game, but look to replace them similarly if you’re lucky enough to get any of the S-tier heroes above.

    nurse ivy

    While damage is king in Rumble Heroes, high DPS doesn’t do much good if your heroes can’t take some hits! Adding Nurse Ivy to your team means constant healing, enhanced by her strong HP and CP.

    pop skull

    I think Skull Pop is a great addition to any team in Rumble Heroes, as although he is slow, he can be relied on to stay alive (high HP) and deal massive damage (high ATK).

    B and C Tier Rumble Heroes

    you should look at replace C-tier heroes as quickly as possible. B-tier heroes aren’t bad at all, and if one has particular traits that you love, you shouldn’t worry about sticking with them, especially if they fit your personal playstyle.

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