All the wonderful bosses of Super Mario Bros.


    Mario has returned to Nintendo Switch in Super Mario Bros Wonder, along with the usual cast of friends and enemies. If you’re curious about which bosses you’ll face, read on.

    Super Mario Bros Wonder returns to the 2D side-scrolling action that fans of the first games know and love, and the first of its kind since New Super Mario Bros U. So which bosses are you looking forward to facing?

    All the bosses of Super Mario Bros Wonder, in order

    Image via Nintendo

    old favorite Bowser is the main villain. in Super Mario Bros Wonder, appearing several times while jumping, crouching, and spinning more than 120 levels set throughout the game eight worlds, including a secret world packed with 10 incredibly difficult levels. The complete list of bosses you will face, from first to last, is:

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    1. Bowser Jr.
    2. jumping mackerel
    3. Robot Bowser
    4. Bowser Jr.
    5. cosmic mario
    6. Bowser golden statue
    7. Bowser Jr.
    8. Robot Bowser
    9. King Boo
    10. cosmic mario
    11. Bowser Robot Switch
    12. Stone pickaxe
    13. Bowser Jr.
    14. King Boo
    15. Bowser Castle

    You will have to fight Bowser Jr a total of four times in his new form. Wonder Bowser Jr., which has been created specifically for Super Mario Bros Wonder. Bowser himself also has a new form, Bowser Castle, which is also specific to the game’s story. It’s a crazy combination of the villain himself mixed with Bowser’s Koopa Clown Car and the Flower Castle.

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