Honkai Star Rail Huohuo Farming Guide


    Huohuo is a five-star Wind Element character who follows the Path of Abundance. Despite being afraid of demons and other inhuman beings, he ironically works to get rid of them while a heliobus sealed within his tail attracts these unwanted spirits.

    If you’re excited to get into Honkai: Star Rail’s Adorable Scary Cat, I recommend collecting the following Ascension and Talent materials early as they will be available before release.

    Ascension Honkai Star Rail Huohuo Materials

    ascension material where to grow
    x15 Immortal Scionette Abominations of abundance
    Simulated Universe Enemies
    Task rewards
    Ember Exchange
    Omnisynth (material exchange)
    x15 Immortal Aeroflower Abominations of abundance
    Simulated Universe Enemies
    Omni-Synthesize (material synthesis and exchange)
    x15 Immortal Lumintwig Abominations of abundance
    Simulated Universe Enemies
    Omnisynthesizer (synthesis and exchange of materials)
    x65 Ascending Debris Stagnant Shadow: Celestial Form (Alchemy Commission)
    Omnisynth (material exchange)

    In addition to these materials, be sure to prepare approximately 308,000 credits to completely Promote Huohuo to Level six. You will need to have access to Stagnant Shadow: Shape of Celestial located in the Alchemy Commission.

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    Honkai Star Rail Huohuo Trace Materials

    Above are all the materials you need to farm to maximize Huohuo traces. Be sure to prepare 3,000,000 credits to pay the cost of leveling up as well.

    You must defeat the enemies of the Abominations of Plenty in the following Minimum balance levels– Level two for Immortal Aeroblossom and level four for Immortal Lumintwig. The Regret of Infinite Ochema will require you to defeat Phantylia the Undying, which is a difficult battle; Take advantage of the support of your friends to overcome it.

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