ROSE Onlines early access launch is by way of the user data leak, which forces the game offline for recoding



    Veterans of our type know MMORPGs are never smooth, but some things can go far worse than others. Unfortunately, it seems like the early access return of the Korean Mao in Korean. It came back under new stewardship last week, but recently disclosed that a security leak sprang out.

    As soon as we have released an alert of the release of the wack and the halt at the games Discord, the response, the hoop, and the other day the war loomed. During this post, the team explained the leak, last week, but the cause was unknown, and the devs were unaware that the leak was still leaking until another alert arrived on Tuesday.

    The data leak originated from our login server, which was due to a bug that wasn’t correct clearing the data, which then lead to some leaking in certain circumstances, the post elaborates. As you know many, we inherited the large and old code base when we started the project. This data leak has existed in this code for a very long time, predominantly, allowing us to acquire that, but it seems to have disappeared unexpectedly.

    The devs are warning everyone who logged in between December 13th and 20th that their email address and partial passwords might now be out in the public and that a shared password should be changed immediately.

    The game also put up patches for an update yesterday, yet the date is correct as the game is not used. The team is forced to rewrite some code because of the leak.

    We have applied several security patches for the server security but the problems happened when a lot of players joined the game. We also had to have not thoroughly tested our new codes, as we wanted to rely on the server to be on the internet as soon as possible. We can’t put the server on the internet for the next hour, as all the team is exhausted and are not asleep.

    Sources: Discord via Reddit, official forums, official sites cheered Clowd and Pepperzine!



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