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    Claire’s shimmervilleSimilar to Adopt Me or Livetopia, it is a lifestyle/RPG experience that allows players to adopt adorable pets, buy and customize their own home, work their dream job, and much more. For a limited time, this experience also offers a Christmas-themed avatar item that players can collect absolutely free! Please continue reading below for more information on how to unlock this item.

    How to unlock the Christmas tree costume in ShimmerVille

    to get the christmas tree costumeplayers need to talk to the Santa Claus NPC and complete all five of your limited time missions.

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    To quickly see how to complete these missions, continue reading below.

    Collect 50 snowflakes

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    Snowflakes can be found in gifts or picked up as they fall from the sky. To complete this quest quickly, we suggest simply looking for the gifts on the map instead of waiting for it to snow, as each one contains 15 snowflakes. Once you’ve collected 50, head back to Santa and talk to him to proceed to the next mission.

    collect 8 gifts

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    This next set of gifts can only be found inside Claire’s C style mall—the gifts we just collected around the map make not account for this quest! Once inside the mall, find and collect all eight gifts easily by looking at the white outlines. These outlines will show through the walls and lead you to the exact location of a gift. Once you have collected eight presents, go back to Santa and talk to him to proceed to the next mission.

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    Complete a pet task

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    To complete a pet task, look at the icons that appear at the top of your screen. When one appears, hover over it to read its description. To complete the task, just do what its description says. In our case, the pet task that needed to be completed was to give our pet a bath. After the bath was over, the homework and the search were too.

    Decorate your home with Holiday Cheer

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    This search is much easier than it seems. First, travel to Bungalow Valley and claim a parcel if you don’t already have one. Then, enter your house and access the Christmas tree element of the miscellaneous construction section. When you have found it, place it anywhere inside your house to complete the quest.


    With all five quests complete, head back to the main area of ​​the map and talk to Santa Claus once more. By doing so, you will receive the Christmas Tree Suit item!

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