Rogue Prince of Persia Medallions Tier List – Best Medallions


    With 30 medallions and constant opportunities to combine them in new ways, deciding which medallions are the best in Rogue Prince of Persia can be tricky. We’ve made the process a little easier by giving you our list of the best Rogue Prince of Persia medallions.

    Rogue Prince of Persia Medallion Tier List

    I have ranked every medallion in Rogue Prince of Persia from Rank S to Rank D. These rankings are based solely on my opinion and how I played the game, so your opinion may be extremely similar or very different.

    Level Medallion name
    Yes Immortal, Opportunity Knocks, Poison Game, Toxic Shock, Vampiric Death
    TO Flaming Dive, Flaming Projectile, Nerve Agent, Paper Lion, Arsonist, Ranged Flaming Counter, Slicing Dive, Slicing Vault, Toxic Vault
    b Flaming Kick, Flaming Shield Breaker, Slashing Kick, Sticky Dive, Sticky Kick, Sticky Shield Breaker, Sticky Play, Sticky Vault, Toxic Counterattack, Toxic Kill, Toxic Projectile
    c Restorative Sleep Fragment, Shield Breaker, Spartan, Medical Insurance
    d bloody loot

    The Medallions you should use in Rogue Prince of Persia

    These are all the Medallions that reached the S and A ranks of our tier list. Many of these medallions need to be upgraded to take advantage of their full potential. You will have to carefully choose which ones you will combine with that in mind.

    S Rank Medallions

    Screenshot of pro game guides
    • Immortal: Instead of dying, destroy this medallion. You will have a second chance to fight with 50% of your health.
    • Opportunity knocks at your door: Killing an enemy using the environment will restore your health. The amount restored depends on how many times the Medallion has been upgraded.
    • Poison game: This medallion deals 20 additional damage to an enemy after being hit in the back. After being upgraded once, it will also restore 30 energy points. Upgrading it a second time will surround the enemy with poison gas after being hit.
    • Toxic shock: Restores 30 energy points if an enemy hits an obstacle after being kicked. Upgrading it once will cause it to release a poisonous cloud around the kicked enemy. This is a great Medallion, especially since other enemies will count as “obstacles”. When one enemy hits another, both will be poisoned.
    • Vampiric death: This medallion restores 30 energy points after an enemy dies. Upgrading it twice will increase it by 10 hit points, while upgrading it three times will increase it to 15 hit points.

    A Rank Medallions

    Screenshot of pro game guides
    • Flaming Dive: At level 2, performing a diving attack will set the ground on fire.
    • Flaming projectile: After hitting a distant enemy, restores 30 energy points. At upgrade level 1, this Medallion will also give you 2 coins. At level 2, the area will be set on fire.
    • Neurotoxic agent: Stunning an enemy will now poison them.
    • Paper lion: This Medallion increases the damage you take and deal by a percentage depending on its level. Without upgrades, increases both by 25%. This increases to 50% at upgrade level 1, 75% at upgrade level 2, and 100% at upgrade level 3.
    • Incendiary: When upgraded to Level 1, killing a burning enemy will spread that fire to nearby enemies.
    • Ranged Flaming Counterattack: This Medallion restores 20 energy points after the Prince is attacked. After being upgraded once, it will also give 30 gold coins. In the second update, it will also set the surrounding area on fire.
    • Sliced ​​Dive: Throw a dagger at nearby enemies after completing a dive attack.
    • Court vault: A dagger that deals 40 damage will be thrown at an enemy after the Prince jumps on them.
    • Toxic Vault: After jumping on an enemy, you gain 30 energy points. It will also create a gas cloud after being upgraded twice.

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