‘A Bloodstained Photograph’ Treasure Location (Map) in Wuthering Waves


    In the midst of your exploration of the Dark Forest in Wuthering Waves, you may have come across this blood-stained photograph near a resonance beacon. This is where to find the buried treasure in the right place.

    Wuthering Waves: Where is the place the bloodstained photograph refers to? (whining Aix Mire)

    If you move a little north of the camp where you found the bloodstained photograph, you will see the two cliffs that appear in the photo.

    Image from MyFullGames

    The marked place is this. Upper cliff near the Court of Savantae ruins. You will find a facility with a gigantic tower at the top.

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Go behind him (at the top of the cliff) and you will see a message to Dig. You will be rewarded with a purple treasure chest.

    Screenshot of pro game guides
    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Where to find Guide Crystals for the Cube Machine near the Court of Savantae Ruins in Wuthering Waves

    Another interesting thing you can find in this facility near the Savantae Court Ruins are these two cubic holograms that request two guide crystals.

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    These guide crystals are located in the other two facilities in the area. I’ve marked them below.

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    They will have quite challenging puzzles. We have guides for them too!

    Once you have both guide crystals, you can take them to the cliff facility and obtain a gold treasure chest. He will reward you with a large amount of Astrite and Union EXP for your troubles.

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