All Medallion attributes and what they do in The Rogue Prince of Persia


    There are five attribute categories that most Rogue Prince of Persia medallions fit into. I will explain all of these Medallion attributes and how to use them in Rogue Prince of Persia.

    Every medallion attribute in The Rogue Prince of Persia

    26 of the 30 medallions of Prince Rogue of Persia can be classified into one of these five medallion attribute categories. The four that don’t are combined into their own “other” category due to their unique abilities.


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    The Poison attribute creates a small green cloud of poisonous gas when the Medallion’s conditions are met. All enemies that touch this cloud will be poisoned. Little by little they will suffer damage in a short time. The effect will continue as long as they are continually re-poisoned. It’s an easy way to affect an enemy’s health while protecting yourself from damage. Affected enemies will emit small green bubbles, like Berude does in the image above, and will have a similar symbol above their health bar.

    There are seven Medallions with a Poison effect. Each one has “Poison” or “Toxic” in its name. They include:

    • nerve agent
    • poison game
    • Toxic counter
    • toxic death
    • toxic projectile
    • toxic shock
    • toxic vault


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    The Resin effect appears as a dark purple ooze on the floor of the affected area. All enemies in the ooze will move slower than usual. Affected enemies have a small dark cloud-shaped symbol above their health bar. It is a useful effect against fast enemies. It is also useful for players who use slower weapons, such as the Tabar.

    All Resin Effect Lockets have the word “Sticky” in their name. There are five in total, including the following:

    • sticky dive
    • sticky kick
    • Break sticky shield
    • sticky game
    • sticky vault


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    Medallions with a Dagger effect will fire Daggers at nearby enemies when their conditions are met. This will occur after performing a physical action directed at the affected enemy, such as kicking or jumping on them. These daggers deal additional staggered damage to enemies they hit.

    Dagger medallions have the word “Slice” at the beginning of their name. The following three medallions make up this group.

    • Slicer Dive
    • cutting kick
    • Court vault


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    Like the Poison attribute, the Fire attribute affects those who touch it. It causes continuous damage to them while they are in the flames, continuing for a short period after leaving them. Burning enemies will have visible flames coming out of them, as well as a small fire symbol above their health bar.

    All but one of the Fire Effect Medallions have flames in their name. The six medallions that contain this effect are the following:

    • flaming dive
    • flaming kick
    • Flaming projectile
    • Break Flaming Shield
    • Incendiary
    • Ranged Flaming Counterattack


    This category is broader as it consists of each Medallion that restores your health. Although they do not share commonalities in the name, it is undeniable that they belong together in this category.

    • health insurance
    • Opportunity knocks at your door
    • Restorative Sleep Fragment
    • vampire death

    Other medallions

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    This category encompasses all Medallions that did not fit into the previous five categories. Some are relatively basic, while others have unique uses that stand out compared to the rest of the Medallions.

    • bloody loot – Gives players coins for killing enemies.
    • Immortal – Gives you life back if you die.
    • paper lion – increases the damage that players receive and deal.
    • Shield Break – Increases damage done to shields and restores energy points.
    • Spartan – restores energy when an enemy is thrown into an obstacle.

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