Roblox Royale High Halloween Halo Answers (2023)


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    The leaves are finally changing, the air is finally crispy, the pumpkin spice is finally seasoning; You and I know what that means, fall is finally here! The popular Roblox experience Royal High School just released Wickery Cliffs in private serversmeaning Players are already lining up at the Fountain of Dreams ready to try their luck to obtain the Halloween Halo 2023. I don’t know the design of this halo at the time of publishing this article, but I hope to see it soon! With the release of Campus 3, this halo is more popular than ever, so be sure to step up and make your wish as soon as possible!

    All the correct answers for Roblox Royale High Halloween Halo (2023)

    To obtain this halo, users must correctly guess the better outcome of a story that was randomly told to them from the fountain in the center of town. Below is a chart detailing everything we know about the different stories and their outcomes. Because these results are completely random, there may be periodic updates or rewards/punishments that we haven’t found yet.

    Note: Choosing the correct answer for the corresponding story will NOT guarantee you a halo, it simply increases your chances of getting one. A halo is extremely rare!

    Active Halloween Halo Stories 2023 – Roblox Royale High

    History and creator Possibilities of option A Possibilities of option B Possibilities of option C Possibilities of option D
    Choosing what to do first at the Eveningfall Festival

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    I will continue to update this chart as more stories are discovered with their corresponding rewards or punishments. If you’ve found any stories or results that I haven’t mentioned above, please let me know in the comments below! I always appreciate your help!

    How long will this halo be active?

    Although it is unknown exactly when the fountain halos will appear and disappear, my best guess is that the Halloween 2023 halo will remain in Royale High. until the end of November 2023. When November 2023 ends and December 2023 begins, the new Christmas 2023 halo will likely be added to replace the current Halloween 2023 halo.

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