How to fix Lords of the Fallen Vigor error


    Aside from the constant crashing issues, the Vigor glitch is the most common issue faced by Lords of the Fallen players. Indicative of the title, the bug allows you to lose the majority of your hard-earned Vigor points, weakening your overall character development and weakening your campaign progress. But unlike other problems, you can easily avoid it by implementing the following instructions.

    What makes you lose Vigor in Lords of the Fallen?

    The most common reasons why Lords of the Fallen Vigor crash occurs are as follows.

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    Purchase of Threshold Scrubbing

    Many PS5 and Xbox players reported losing their Vigor stat after purchasing the Threshold Scrubbing Item from the Skyrest Bridge NPC Molhu. Umbral Scouring is an upgrade material to level up your shields, armor, and more. The only way is to avoid purchasing the item until a patch update is sent.

    Fallen Vigor

    You can also lose your Vigor if you haven’t picked it up from the ground. After you die, visit your last death location to find your experience. Should be blue in appearance with a shiny texture. If you can’t find him, you should be able to find a nearby enemy with a glowing blue aura around his character model. Defeat him to get your experience points.

    In case there is no vigor in your lost body or an enemy! Well, I’m sorry to tell you that you have lost your Vigor and there is no way to get it back unless there is some update available for the problem.

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