Resident Evil 4 Separate Modes – Best Weapons


    Resident Evil 4 Separe Ways brings a ton of new content to keep the game fresh. It offers a new take on the game’s story starring Ada Wong, with lots of new content to discover and more zombies to kill. I was happy to see that we got 13 new and unique weapons to accomplish this task, but I also noticed that some of the old ones were showing up. I was wondering what the best weapons are in separate modes and if the meta has changed much since the base game.

    Resident Evil 4 Separe Ways: The best new weapons and how to get them

    1 – Infinite rocket launcher

    The Infinite Rocket Launcher is well known among fans of the old-school franchise as the primary tool for speeding up gameplay and a weapon of mass destruction. With the ability to shoot every enemy in the game, bringing all boss fights to premature ends, and there aren’t many weapons that can rival it. To get the Rocket Launcher, buy it from the Merchant for 80,000 Pesetas when you reach Chapter 2.

    2 – red9

    Designed after a real-world Mauser C96, this ubiquitous weapon was a pistol of choice and a meta choice for the first game of the Resident Evil 4 remake. You could get this weapon early enough in the base game, as it will be available shortly after defeating Del Lago, but in the Separe Ways DLC, you will have to wait until Chapter 4 to buy it from Merchant for 14,000.

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    3 – Chicago Sweeper

    The famous Chicago Sweeper returns to Separe Ways and is just as good as in the base game. You will eliminate enemies very quickly with its unlimited ammunition reserve and excellent rate of fire. Just like in the base game, getting this weapon in the DLC is no easy task. You will have to complete the expansion once in Professional mode with A rank.

    4 – stingray

    The Stingray rifle is a modern type semi-automatic weapon capable of attacking targets from above and at a distance. While not as effective against distant enemies as the SR M1903, it makes up for its versatility. Chat with the merchant after reaching Chapter 5 to obtain this rifle. You can purchase it for 20,000 pesetas.

    5 – Explosive crossbow

    Blast Crossbow is one of my favorite weapons to play in Resident Evil 4 Separe Ways because of the unique way this weapon works. It is a standard crossbow, but it fires explosive bullets, capable of destroying several enemies. You can obtain the Merchant’s Crossbow for 70,000 pesetas once you reach Chapter 3.

    6 – SR M1903 Rifle

    The M1903 is the sniper rifle from the Resident Evil 4 remake. It is known for its long-range and high-damage capabilities. It has limited use when engaging enemies up close, especially on higher difficulty levels due to its erratic movement patterns. But it has proven invaluable in dealing with those pesky snipers from afar, especially from Chapter 7 onwards. You can get the SR M1903 rifle along with a catapult in Chapter 1 Castle Gate.

    7 – MC Punisher Pistol

    The Punisher MC is a great alternative for those who don’t like the look of the Red9 pistol. The weapon scales very well when upgraded and additionally benefits from a laser sight upgrade. To obtain this gun, visit the Merchant at the beginning of Chapter 2 and have 10,000 pesetas in your pocket.

    8 – Elite Knife

    Elite Knife is an additional weapon in Resident Evil 4 Separe Ways, known as the Unbreakable Knife. As the name suggests, it never breaks no matter how many times you use it, giving its wearer the peace of mind of not having to constantly repair it. You must complete all seven merchant requests to obtain this unique equipment. As a reward for your efforts, you will receive an Elite Knife.

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    9 – Sawed-off W-870 Shotgun

    The W-870 is the first weapon you will obtain in the base game as an upgrade to Leon’s pistol and will continue to be used throughout the game. The W-870 Sawed-Off Shotgun is its upgraded counterpart that is exclusively featured in the Separe Ways DLC and offers you an increase in power and accuracy over its full counterpart. As a trade-off, you have to deal with a lower ammo capacity, but I think it’s worth it. You can obtain this weapon quite early in the game by visiting the Merchant in Chapter 2. It will cost you 10,000 pesetas.

    10 – TMP submachine gun

    TMP SMG is Ada’s starting weapon in Resident Evil 4 Separe Ways, so you won’t have any prerequisites to obtain it. It has a very respectable ammo capacity and an excellent rate of fire, making it an excellent choice for quick takedowns. This gun reminded me a bit of HUNK’s MP5, at least in the style of use, so you’ll love this gun if you’re a Grim Reaper fan.

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