Roblox Hide and Seek Extreme Songs ID Codes


    Imagine the thrill of catching a hidden player with a surprise song in Hide and Seek Extreme! As a search engine, you can create fun or interesting moments with a playlist of fun or catchy music. Here’s a list to get you started on your musical hide-and-seek adventure.

    All Active Music ID Codes for Hide and Seek Extreme

    Here’s a curated selection of songs that I find particularly fun and great for Hide and Seek Extreme. my favorites are eat the salad and Being busy, known for his loud music and humorous lyrics. I invite you to explore the list and find those that resonate with you.

    Name of the song music identification
    23 9013453392
    Another day, another massacre 8877695896
    beyblade 2245749339
    broadway 6897686359
    Take it easy man 327542232
    I can get? 130768088
    chicken nugget 9245561450
    chuky 132179181
    Cucarhcha 1837258874
    eat a salad 7251636785
    Failure 8243371161
    Fart 136320402
    Being busy 9042248317
    give me a break 6651241535
    Failure 1842593157
    godzilla 130783046
    Hello again 31022179
    Hotel 27528662458
    I always go back 6512198316
    In his house 3538568082
    Intense 1839703786
    I win again 13888774
    I would embarrass you 4602357240
    Keep trying 4602357240
    Laugh 8937005838
    Life 1839872620
    How that 1841925478
    stronger 7764369437
    Mother 3892073080
    Rules 417452010
    Oh yeah! I will dance 7102626945
    OMG I’M SO CUTE 1131751807
    Perfect 275278234
    Rare Sound of Sus Kill 6345111867
    Remember! Stay away from fire 8259020711
    hitting 139888702
    shissou 6587417574
    short phone 8887499160
    Crush skulls 1842558494
    idiot 8243372178
    That was really pathetic 290774171
    Thunder 12222030
    The meat 6459815472
    scissors 1840677419
    Antics 183636202
    Toxic 137521647
    Do you want to see my head? 3267973938
    We are under water 5267482878
    Where is the money? 7214780619
    You like that 301022204
    You have no chance 8067621593

    How to use song ID codes in Hide and Seek Extreme

    Image from MyFullGames

    You must purchase the Song ID pass to play songs in Hide and Seek Extreme. Here is a simple guide on how to do this.

    • Open Hide and Seek Extreme and join the game.
    • Click on the Store option in the top left center of the screen and select the Boombox icon.
    • Pay 300 Robux to get the Radio Pass in-game.
    • Again, revisit the menu to find a new input text box. Copy and paste any song from the list above to hear these numbers.

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