Resident Evil 4 – All Rare Deaths Guide (RE Portal)



    Guide on how to get all rare deaths from the Resident Evil Portal.

    How to get all rare deaths

    RE Portal – All Rare Deaths

    I’d like to map out all the Resident Evil portal – rare deaths lists for other completists like me, so I hope this helps.

    List of rare deaths

    • Blown Up – Get hit with TNT or a grenade.
    • Burned – To be killed by any fire.
    • Swallowed Whole – Get swallowed and killed in the middle of a fight against Del Lago.

    Lord’s Fury – Get shot down on the lake before the fight against Del Lago.

    • Fallen – Fall off the weak wooden planks and die before the fight against Salazar.
    • Getting the Boot – Drop onto the ledge during the Cruiser fight and let him tap you.
    • Landslide – Get killed by ganados throwing you off the bridge.
    • Pellet – Get killed by Gigante throwing rocks at you.

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    • Cart Accident – Get killed while in the cart with Lois.
    • Out of Time – Get killed at the end of the game in the island destruction countdown.
    • The Unstoppable Kidnapping – Let Bitores Méndez run away from Ashley.
    • Friendly Fire – Shoot and kill Ashley.
    • Freeze – Get killed by liquid nitrogen in the area where you fight Verdugo.
    • Appetite of the Giant – Eat by an El Gigante.

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    • Skewered – Regenerator variant (Iron Maiden) Get killed by spikes.




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