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    With over 220 sea creatures to catch in Dredge, you’ll have your hands full if you’re looking for a comprehensive encyclopedia. Some fish are harder to come by than others, black grouper being one of them; it can be elusive if you don’t know where to look. This is where to find a Black Grouper in Dredge.

    How to find a Black Grouper in Dredge – location guide

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    While the Black Grouper isn’t the hardest fish to find in theory, it can become a challenge if you’re not fishing in exactly the right spot at the right time of day. The creature spawns in the marrowsspecifically in evening (after 7pm) – Don’t search during the day because you’ll be out of luck and catch a stingray instead.

    To find the fishing spot, go to small marrow and look at the south from the small town pier to see some bubbles. You need shallow fishing to fish here, so make sure the type of fishing is equipped first. Once it is, use your shallow rod to catch a black grouper.

    Aberrations of black grouper in dredging

    If you’re lucky, you might also get a Aberrant version of the Black Grouper: a tusked grouper or a voltaic mere. These are mutated versions of the fish that sell for more, depending on the length and freshness. So if you’re looking to earn some extra cash, be sure to head to the fishmonger as soon as possible to avoid the rot.

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    You can also increase your Aberration Fish encounter rate by equipping the Sign of Doom on your loadout.

    How to Unlock Shallow Fishing in Dredge

    To access shallow fishing in Dredge, you need to buy the simple skimmer ($75) or the weighted line rod ($150) of the Shipwright. Once purchased, plug it into the fishing rod slot on your boat’s cargo, and you’ll be able to fish in shallow spots and catch a black grouper.

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