RAZER Edge wants to destroy Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck consoles


    The Razer Edge is a new portable console with the same format and premises as the Nintendo Switch, as well as the Steam Deck. After a few months of discussions and promising demos, the gaming giant took the CES 2023 stage to give fans what they most requested. The new console is finally going to hit the market from the 26th of January.

    The Razer Edge first hits stores in the US, and does that, with the operator Verizon.

    We remember that the portable console was built with 5G connectivity, so the partnership with the North American telecom operator is effective, strategic and meaningful.

    Razer Edge finally hits the market, starting in the US.

    The new mobile gaming platform is available in two versions. One with 5G connectivity and the other with Wi-Fi connectivity.

    Moreover, when the first fans buy the console, we’ll also have the “Founders Edition”, which will also provide players the choice of the brands: the Razer Hammerhead True Wireless (2021).

    The new price for the U.S. of America starts at $400 for the Wi-Fi version. The most expensive version, Founders Edition with Bluetooth headsets will cost $500 in the North American market.

    Moreover, at least in the first phase, the console will be a free extension of the formerly aforementioned telecommunications operator Verizon. However, the present version is likely to come on for free in future and has a recommended retail price of 600 dollars.

    With this console, it’s still possible for users to buy it for 360 dollars, later paying subscription of 10 dollars per month for 36 months or for 3 years.

    There are also other incentives for the purchase of the console, the ones that will never be introduced to the North American market.

    The Razer Edge is the new alternative to the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck.

    The new console Razers is a clear response to the new Nintendo Switch, the current segment leader, and is also being traded rival to Steam Deck. Razer chose notable features for its Edge to make his value proposition stand out.

    The consoles’ screen has a diagonal of 6,8 feet, technology AMOLED. The resolution is high, with 2400px x 1800pxthus guaranteeing the standard FullHD.

    We have a high rate, which can exceed 144 Hz to the screen, so we maintain the fluidity of the animations. The brightness will be automatically adjusted or left to the user.

    We are waiting until you arrive in Europe.

    The processor is a little known Snapdragon G3x Gen 1 processor, a special chip made for the best of these products, and based on popular smartphone phones that utilize Snapdragon 888. It has 8 cores inside, and therefore an octacore Kryo, which is up to 3 GHz by analog GPU.

    The Razer Blade console has 8 GB of LPDDR5 memory, 128 GB of UFS 3.1 storage which, too, supports expansion of to 2TB via microSD memory card, can also be upgraded to a microSD memory card.

    This portable Android console has 5,5 MP front camera, plus a 5,000 mAh battery. For this purpose, we can also play Android games on the Google Play Store, as well as play AAA titles.

    By and large, users can enjoy the Xbox cloud, and even play online.

    Finally, the Razer Blade weighs 264 grams and its controllers weigh 401 grams, with more information on the product page. We also have an audio-jack port with 3.5mm, and the promise of many more accessories that allow to complete and customize the user experience.


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