MG6 XPower cars were revealed in new Forza Horizon 5 trailer


    The developer of Forza Horizon 5 unveiled a new trailer – MG6 XPower vehicles (2020 and 2021) this year. The company can buy two wheels and a half for one month in the game. Players can unlock the sporting Chinese Brits in the coming days.

    MG6 XPower 2021. Earn 80 points during #FORDzathon festival playlist series from January 5 – February 2nd to unlock.MG6 XPower 2020. To make free of charge, you need to earn 20 points in the fall season of the Tempest in the #FORDzathon list, between December 12 and January 19.

    Watch the trailer from Forza Horizon 5 below.


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