MSI produces multiple products in 2023


    During the 2023 Summit, multiple companies discussed products on the way, including MSI, where items were shown on display. The company has everything from new laptops to gaming gear, to curved monitors and graphics cards, from a pen to an advanced pen. The company is working by itself. Today is the last day of their careers in Las Vegas.

    Credit: MSI.

    Windows 7.

    The Stealth 14 Studio is a “stealthy” continue, available in a different colorway. The colorway is a contrasting dark white interior and a black-out interior. Inside, the 12,4×9 x 0.82-inch Aluminium Alloy chassis contains the latest Intel Core processors and up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 laptop GPU 8GB GDDR6 to keep high performance under the radar. It’s packed with the Vapor Chamber Cooler, to keep quiet and cool. Experience immersion with the QHD+ 240Hz Display, the 84-key-strong steel series per-key RGB keyboard and the 4 speaker multi-range by Dynaudio. The award for “Stealth 14,” was recognized in the category “Graming” on January 3th, announced.

    Xbox One GE78 gaming laptop MSI Raider, mobile device milliard.

    The Raider GE78 HX redefines what gaming means to esport and immersion. Core i9-13980HX Processor, powered by NVIDIA’s GeForce GPU 16GB of RAM, high refresh rate, metal chassis and an AI Cooling system. The Raider series comes with all types of buttons, camera shutters, and a new chassis with a Matrix RGB light bar which allows gamers to show their style. The users need everything in a compact design. The award for the GM 780 was recognized in the “Gaming category”, which was announced on the third of January.

    Memory Pencil – Windows 16-Bit Computer.

    The Stealth 16 Studio is an ultra-light, power-smart laptop equipped with a third-gen Intel Core processor and up to the NIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 laptop GPU 8GB GDDR6. The newly designed thermal system uses two fan and seven power outlets so that the heat dissipation is optimal. If the laptop has the Magnesium Aluminum Alloy chassis, it remains bright, quiet and cool. NVIDIA’s advanced raytracing technology and 16:10 QHD+ 240Hz IPS-level display deliver an unparalleled gaming experience. The 99-Whr Battery, and the latest Thunderbolt 4 battery life, give it a short-term battery life and an efficient charging operation. Lastly, the noise-reducing webcam with 1080P resolution makes this system versatile for business meetings and presentations. The Stealth 16 award was recognized under the “Gaming” category, which was announced on January 3rd.

    Credit: MSI.

    Two MSI xpa ibn l u re 2 yp cpa o 1 yen apn xpa f/i ir nb, yen o iyn tu o 1 wpo n o obn ns hwa.

    The MSI Pen 2 is built up with the latest Microsoft MPP2.6 protocol to help haptic feedback. Combined with sham and tilt support, the new iteration gives a real life writing experience. The unique tip of graphite is written on both touch panels and paper, without having to exchange parts on the pen, to transfer seamlessly between digital and physical creation. The MSI Pen 2 award was recognized in the category of product peripherals and accessories. It was announced on January 3rd.

    MSI Titan GT77 HX Gaming Laptop.

    The Titan GT77 HX is a desktop replacement. The latest Intel Core i9-13980 HX Processors and the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 laptop GPU 16GB GDDR6 in the desktop mode allow to drive all the needs. The new chassis features an electric light bar and a Cherry MX Ultra Low Profile mechanical keyboard, a Cooler Boost Titan with 4 fans, 8 pipes, all in a jumbo-like chassis. To top it off, he comes equipped with a MiniLED display of 17.3in 4K, 144Hz, IR camera and an electric charger. There is everything that needs in the ultimate machine, a real Titan. Titan GT77 HX’s award was recognized under the “Computer Hardware” category, which was announced in January 3.

    Digital Cards from the MSI GeForce RX 40 series are available on the cards’ display.

    Driven by the new incredibly efficient NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture, MSI GeForce graphics card series is an all-wheel drive card, a combined design with high performance circuit board design and improved cooling equipment. GeForce launched a new series of cards, in November, the RTX 4090 SUPRIM LIQUID X 24G won the honor of being named “Gaming” by the “Language of the Universe”. SUPRIM LIQUID uses liquid heating system, a single TORX 5.0 fan and a 240 mm radiator so that he can meet new temperatures.

    MSI SPATIUM M570 PCIe 5.0 NVMe M.2 HS.

    With the SPATIUM M570 computerized with 5.0-NVMe M.2 HS high resolution read/write speeds of up to 10GB/s, PCIe Gen 5 controls are mixed together with MSI’s bronze-colored aluminum heatsink for a performance storage package that delivers the greatest transfer of a ton of 1TB, 2TB and 4TB capacities for the professional, content creators and gamers.

    Credit: MSI


    MSI VIGOR GK71 Yenathophone is a gaming keyboard that uses high-end octaino feces to maximize user experience by focusing on comfort, convenience, and aesthetics. The exclusive MSI SONIC BLUE mechanical switch was designed to be a light 45g clicky keystroke with actionable feedback so that gamers can achieve “Light Touch, Instant Kill.” The ViGor GK71 Sonic award was recognized under the category “Computer Peripherals & Accessories” category, which was announced on January 3rd on the coveted 3Gear Award.


    MSI CLUTCH GM51 POWERWIRELSS weighs only 85 grams and is designed for FPS gamers. It’s equipped with the patented MSI Diamond Lightgrips and a high-tech optical sensor with up to 6,000 dpi. The game has the greatest value on its own and the accuracy of every movement.

    In the series, the Xray mini rays were shown.

    MSI RadiX is a series of gaming routers that feature AI QoS that lets users drop ping to 90% per second while allowing gamers to reduce latency. RadiX Be22000 Turbo combines Wi-Fi 7 with auto-detecting an antenna that can change the data structure, enabling the data to move in the same direction to take action. The top thermal module ensures a continuous, durable RadiX AXE6600 and AX6600 even when the traffic is heavy.

    MSI MEG 342C QD-OLED & 491C QD-OLED Curved Gaming Monitor.

    A new product designed for immersive gaming, the latest QD series of MSI uses the latest OLED technology. This multi-million dollar system is equipped with a real wide colour gamut. The MEG 342D QC won an award in November under the category “Depy” and “Computer Peripheral & Accessories” category, and the 491D Monitor received two awards.

    Credit: MSI

    MSI MAG 275CQRX Curved Gaming Monitor.

    This monitor won’t only be able to screen, with the recent advances in the rapid VA technology. With a 5000 MHz ray, an aforese restraining rate of 250 Hz, a pourse-second response time and an 25601440 resolution, users can enjoy a curved display without having to sacrifice image clarity or fluid gameplay.

    The Windows X2 13th table of the CMOS is your computer.

    The MEG Trident X2 has a custom version of HMI. This can also function functions like memory monitors, and automatically monitor system status and performance. The MEG Trident X2 is powered by the i9 processor in the top tier Intel Core and the RTX 40 Series. The MEG Trident X2 has the best gaming experience in 3A game titles. The award for MEG Trident X2 was awarded in November under the “Gaming” category.

    Motherboard for MSI MEG Z790 GODLIKE, the MGMZ.

    The MEG Z790 GODLIKE motherboards are designed to handle the problem of excessive clocking, gaming and demanding workloads. The MEG Z790 godlike was awarded in the “Grandlike” category in November.

    Credit: Microsoft Business.

    PCIE 5 electric supply by MSI Ai1300P Ai1300P.

    The MEG Ai1300P PCIE5 is a platinum based power supply unit that uses the 80 PLUS certifications all the way to ATX 3.0 and PCIe 5. It can sustain two x total power excursion and three x GPU power excursion safely, utilizing software-integrated functions that make it easy and direct to use. The PME S8800P Power Supply was awarded in November in the category “Computer Peripherals & Accessories”.

    MSI Modem MD271UL Monitor.

    The modern MD271UL 4K monitor features a slim, curved rear cover and a more elegant rear cover. It has 1,07 billion displays and Type C has 65 W PD. Microsoft I Display Kit & Eye-Q Check system provides a seamless user experience. The Modern MD271UL Monitor was awarded in November in the Home Audio & Video Components category.

    MSI MS-XP01 EV Premium.

    EV Charger Premium/EV Charger AI is an intelligent AC charger for Electric Vehicles compatible with IEC 62196-2 type 71, which provides rapid charging power up to 13.2 KW through 60A output current. The 16-inch display clearly indicates the charge status. Its hat of style and IP55 rating perfect for indoor and outdoor use. There’s also support remote management, payment system and license plate recognition (EV Charger AI), via wireless connections.

    MSI MS-98M3 33.5″ Single Board Computer in AMR-AI-PJ-UVGI Robot.

    MS-98M3 is the integrated 3.5″ SBC that supports multiplexing with 11th generation Intel IOTG Core processor, codenamed Tiger Lake-UP3, which is capable of generating low power and high performance, as well as reliability, and is capable of achieving the ultimate goal of using multiple applications such as AMR-AI-PJ-UVGI Robot, which was verified by Texcell/France to inactivate the new SARS-COV2 virus efficiently within seconds.


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