Rain Hazard 2 – Mul-T Achievement Guide


    Want to get the cool toys other Mul-T players are messing with, but don’t know how? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

    Here I’ll walk you through how to get achievements for the Scrap Launcher, Power Saw, and Power Mod achievements, along with a few tips on what to do with those achievements and how to use them!

    Preparatory work

    Before we get into the meat and potatoes of this guide, make sure you have the following achievements before tackling it.

    Confirmed: Complete the first teleporter event 5 times.

    • If you play the game for more than 1 hour it should be pretty easy. Just start a run, finish the first teleporter, repeat 4 more times, and BOOM! You have the main character of this guide, Mul-T!
    • It’s essential for all of these achievements, so make sure you have it!

    [Redacted]: Open the Timed Security Chest at Rally Point Delta.

    • This is a significant difficulty increase from the previous one, but should be easy if you have a good sense of speed. Also worth noting is that the game counts down the in-game timer, so you can pause the game or go to the market and take an hour and still get it as long as the timer hits 10 o’clock. Reach the chest.
    • First, you’ll want to choose a character that has more movement options, like Loader or Huntress, but you can do this with slower characters like our star Mul-T, Rex, or even Captain. can.
    • Secondly, you’ll want to spend very little time getting to the chest per stage, about 4 or 3 minutes per stage. This is to ensure that you have time to find the chest and still be able to open it.
    • If you can find the Newt Altar on Stage 2, you can try to activate it, but don’t dedicate it to finding it unless you know you have plenty of time. You’ll be wasting time like that, which we don’t want to do.
    • Finally, once you reach Rally Point Delta, you should be able to easily find the Timed Security Chest due to the two or three glowing light poles near it. Once you find it, open it and claim your prize!
    • It’s required for one of the three achievements in this guide, so not unlocking it will make you unable to get that achievement.

    Although not required for any of the achievements, the following item is quite helpful for one of them, so I’d recommend you open it, but it’s okay if you don’t.

    Experimenting: Pick up 5 different types of equipment.

    • It’s very easy, as you only need to get 5 different orange tier items. You’ll unlock it naturally, just like our protagonist Mul-T. That shouldn’t discredit its use, however, as fuel cells are pretty simple even outside of this guide.

    Getting Scrap Launcher

    Mul-t: Pest Control: As Mul-t, kill 2 Battle Queens without leaving the teleporter zone.

    • Beetle Queens spawn exclusively in the maps Titanic Plains, Distant Roost, Wetland Aspect, and Abandoned Aqueduct, and rarely as a boss during a family event on Skymeadow.
    • If you go for it, you shouldn’t pick up Focused Convergence, as it won’t help you defeat the Beetles, but will increase your chances of leaving the zone when you crash. Instead, go for damage-increasing items, like crate glass or armor-piercing rounds. If you really want the moon, pick up a glass.
    • To help you get two queens, you can pop a mountain shrine to increase the challenge of the event, usually by adding another boss, which will help us here.
    • Of particular note are Battleguards, who will deal a fair amount of knockback. Either move them away or avoid them, eliminating or reducing the problem.
    • When removing queens, it is recommended to stay close to them. There’s just one problem: if you get too close, the queen spits high-damaging acid. Putting a little distance between yourself and your target using a nail gun or rebar puncher can go a long way in achieving this.

    Once you have it, what should you do with it?

    • Personally, I pair it with Nilggun so Nilggun is a reliable source of DPS and Scrap Launcher is a source of burst damage, as a special that mul-t doesn’t have by default.
    • The launcher reloads even when it’s not activated, allowing you to use your other weapon when you’re scrapped down.
    • Crunching some numbers, the reload is 2.5 seconds long. With a Purity, you can reduce it to 0.5 seconds and make it significantly faster to pump constant DPS, at a lower chance cost for procs. With the Alien Head Raid, you can take 3 of these to bring it down to 1 second. Despite Alien Head’s low drop rate, and the significant drop required stacking, if you haven’t unlocked Purity (which is beating the game on Monsoon difficulty), or a Want to use proc heavy build. You can still use the alien head if you want to reload faster. Just note that it will be a bit more difficult to remove.

    Getting a power saw

    MUL-T: Gotcha!: As MUL-T, kill an Imp Overlord with Preon Accumulator.

    • As shown earlier in the preparation section, the Prion Accumulator is an unlocked item. You must earn this before attempting this achievement.
    • Imp Overlords only appear as bosses on Abyssal Depths, Scorched Acres, and Rallypoint Delta. The imp family event also allows them to spawn at Abandoned Aqueduct and Sundered Grove, but this happens rarely and only after clearing 4 stages, so it’s not worth counting on. .
    • Imp Overlords are slippery little gremlins, which is why this achievement is so difficult in the first place. I highly recommend you stack the Fuel Cells mentioned earlier in this guide, as they not only reduce equipment cooldowns (the prion accumulator has a clove, which inflicts a lot of punishment), but also provide additional use of the device, which allows you to To follow up with another shot if you miss.
    • If you don’t get the Preon Accumulator before taking the Imp Overlord, don’t worry! Go to Skymeadow and find the teleporter, as usual, but instead of activating it as usual, go to the side of it. There, you’ll have the option to align it with the Moon (Start) or Planet (Titanic Plains or Siren’s Call). Align it with the planet and start looping! You’ll meet this boss again, hopefully this time with the right gun.

    After getting that red plane boss, you might be thinking, “What can I do with this saw blade?” Clearly, it is the saw blade itself that is… bad. Really bad. This is a melee option on a survivor that isn’t really built for melee combat. However, with the next success, things get weird!

    Getting Power Mode

    Seventh Day: As MUL-T, clear the voids on or after the seventh stage.

    • It’s very easy to achieve, really. Just wait until you see the small stage counter in Reach 7 at the top, then find a new altar and go to the Null Portal to reach the Void Fields.
    • The hardest part of this achievement is simply eliminating the invalid fields. Make sure you are well prepared for anything that comes your way. And I mean anything. Void fields don’t mess up when good RNG is done.
    • If you get a Medkit with Elemental Bands (Reynolds and Kajaro), Unstable Tesla Coil, or N’kuhana’s Feedback, get the ♥♥ from there. Defeating these super-powered enemies is possible, but unless you have a really good run, you’ll be lucky to see another second in these fields. Ways to get out of the Void Fields include dying, and better yet, taking an open Null Portal.

    Now, you may be thinking, “What do I do with it once I get it?” me also! I haven’t messed around with it much myself, but here are some good ideas:

    • According to the wiki, Power Mode expands your primary weapon. There is no spread of the saw blade. See where I’m going with this?
    • During this time the scrap launcher still reloads, albeit much faster. Keep this in mind when using this special.
    • You will be locked out of your other weapon until Power Mode is turned on. Keep this in mind when using the aforementioned saw blade strategy, as most of the time out of power mode, dopamine will be limited instead.

    Parting words

    This is too much! I hope you enjoy playing with this little construction worker, hopefully as much as I do!

    Whether you’re a die-hard Monsooner looking to start your Mul-T missions, or a newbie who got the game when it went on sale last week (wrong), I hope this guide helps you out a little. has happened Be sure to let me know anything I missed or yell at me for not knowing the intricacies of the power saw and, I don’t know, Ben’s raincoat or something. See you at Petrichor V!

    And another Mul-T, for good measure. This robot just can’t get enough.


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