How to Level Any Warframe Fast Solo


    Requirements for this method of leveling

    • Helmuth system which you can unlock by reaching mastery rank 8.
    • Incorporating the regular Banshee Warframe
    • The enhancement for Banshee is called Savage Silence.
    • Any explosive weapon, but we’ll get into that a bit later.
    • (Optional) Smita Kaut
    • (Optional) Primed Sewer Fitted

    Here are optional requirements to make leveling easier and faster.

    Helminth system

    To level your Warframes much faster, you’ll need to unlock the Helmuth system. If you don’t know what a helminth system is, here you go:

    • To unlock the helminth system, you need to purchase the helminth segment blueprint from Son, an NPC found in Nekralsk hub town in Daimyos. There are a few conditions before you can purchase this item: You must be Level 3: Affiliated with Interti. You must be Mastery Rank 8 or higher to use the Helmuth system.
    • A helminth is an infected hive that lives in your orbit. This entity can “subsume” Warframes, unlocking one of their abilities which can then be applied to any of your Warframes. Each warframe has an ability that the helminth can apply to your other warframes, the ability in question is the default.

    Helminth subsom war frame

    The battle frame we are looking to add is Banshee. Banshee is a sound-based warframe. Sophisticated sonic powers enable the Banshee to pinpoint enemy positions and weak spots, suppress the sounds of gunfire in its surroundings, and even emit vibrating vibrations to knock down its enemies.

    The ability you get when you add it is called silence. Here’s what the ability does:

    • The banshee emits a sound-dampening aura within 10/13/15/20 meters of its surroundings for 10/15/20/30 seconds. Enemies that enter the aura will initially suffer a sonic damage that causes them to be momentarily stunned for 2 seconds. Affected enemies are deafened to sounds that alert them to the direction of nearby combat, as well as unable to perform special abilities while under the effect of silence.
    • Aura radius is affected by ability range.
    • The duration is influenced by the qualification period.
    • Casting speed is affected by natural talent and speed drift.
    • Stun duration is not affected by mods.
    • Unwary enemies will not be alerted when affected by fire and will resume normal behavior after recovering from the stun.
    • Enemies re-entering the aura after exiting can re-experience the surprise repeatedly.

    Silence will also deafen the caster, enveloping friends, foes, and yourself alike in bullets.

    We will also use an enhancement for SILENCE called SAVAGE SILENCE which increases the finisher’s damage by 300% while the ability is active (modern scales by the amount of power).

    In my case, I will use the slurry to level it because it needs form. I also recommend putting the silence attribute in the frames into the first attribute of the routine.

    Any explosive weapon

    You can use any explosive weapon, but I really recommend using the KUVA BRAMMA. (Sumita Kavat reason below) Here is the Kova Burma build I’m using.

    As you can see his build is modded for full crit and fast charging as his bow at the base has a really slow charge rate. Overall this build should work as it works its way through steel.

    A rundown of the methods we are using:

    • Galvanized Chamber (for stacking multi-shot)
    • serration (damage)
    • Vital Sense (vital loss)
    • Hunter Ammunition (30% chance to apply slash damage on critical hits)
    • Primed Curve Rounds (Cold Damage)
    • Primed Firestorm (main mod that increases the blast radius of the weapon)
    • Critical delay (critical probability)
    • Fire Acceleration (Increased rate of fire at a small cost of damage)
    • Alert equipment (turns ammo on the floor into smelly ammo) [This one can be changed to any ammo mutation mod if you don’t have this one]

    (Optional) Smita Kaut

    I strongly recommend bringing KUVA BRAMMA for several reasons. I said at the beginning of the guide that you can bring any type of explosive weapon, and you can, but I love the bow because when paired with the right set of mods, you have insane blast radius. damage, quick charges on the bow and more. No reloading compared to any KUVA weapon or TENET weapon. Why I love Burma when you combine it with CHARM mod equipped with Smita Kawat which brings some buffs:

    Since we’re using a bow you’re getting instant reload buffs and strong shields because if you’re fast enough you won’t get shot while leveling.

    If you are like me and don’t have enough platinum for the AFFINITY BOOSTER then we are hoping that Smeeta kavat will create affinity and speed up the leveling process.

    This is the construction I am using for my Samita Kavat.

    Note: Be sure to put CHARM on the 1st slot because odd polarity is called PRECEPT and the order of mods matters if you have multiple precept mods in your loadout.

    Modifying the Warframe

    When it comes to modding, you should modify for maximum range and duration.

    It doesn’t matter which mod you put on the Aura slot as long as it matches the polarity to increase the number of mods you can put in.

    If this is a fresh build frame with no potatoes or formas, this is not the way to build a loadout.

    When it comes to the Aura slot, I just added Toxin Resistance to get more potential:

    • Primed continuity for duration (regular will work if you haven’t primed)
    • Savage Silence (enhanced for silence of all abilities)
    • Primed Flow (can do a normal version, but doesn’t need the mod itself)
    • August Message (Term)
    • stretch (limit)
    • Igor Reach (Range)
    • Primed Saver Fitted (this mod is really needed because any explosive weapon knocks, all you can do is one with a careful shot at the Burma or whatever weapon you’re using for leveling. (use normal sure footing)

    Location for leveling

    Adaro with equinox like the popular focus form on Sedna.


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