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    If you’re looking for the Orange Pebbles to create an Orange Potato in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but can’t seem to spot the little things, you might need some glasses, specifically the Shade Lenses. You will only be able to collect them after completing level 10 of Scrooge McDuck’s Friendship Quest, The Treasure Hunt, Part Two. Here’s how to complete the quest and get those lenses.

    How to complete The Treasure Hunt Part Two in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    To start this quest, you’ll need to have raised Scrooge McDuck’s friendship level to level 10 and completed the previous friendship quest, Treasure Hunt.

    Once you’ve done that, go and talk to Scrooge McDuck. Scrooge McDuck has assembled the treasure map, but it has some magical inscriptions on it. He sees and takes the map to Merlin. He will cast a spell to decipher it. you will need the glasses shades to find the parts of the keys to open the treasure. It will send you back to Scrooge to ask him about the glasses.

    Go and talk to Scrooge. Only those who can wield the power of Dreamlight can use them, so he will give them to you for free. Put on the Shadow Lenses, then open your Memories tab in your main menu to find the Xs that mark the points.

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    Where to find the key pieces and the chest in The Treasure Hunt Part Two of Disney Dreamlight Valley

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    You will want to look for dig spots around the bottom right corner of the clear trustthe lower left corner of the Forest of Valorand the upper right corner of the icy heights. Remember, you won’t be able to see them without your glasses on. Use your Royal Shovel to unearth two key pieces and a chest.

    Return the items to Scrooge McDuck. I tell you that the last step is to repair the key. You will need to gather the following materials and go to a work table:

    • Two Gold bullion (made from 10 gold nuggets and 2 coal ores)

    From there, you can craft the Treasure Key from the Function Items tab of your crafting menu. Take the key to Scrooge, who will open the chest to find more Star Coins. He will give you 2000 of those Star Coins, a fancy safe, and the Shadow Lenses will be yours.

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