Raiju Cyberpunk – How to get the Raiju SMG in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty


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    The Phantom Liberty expansion for Cyberpunk 2077 introduced a host of new unlockable vehicles and weapons to the game. One of the new weapons is the iconic Raiju Tech submachine gun and here’s how you can get it.

    How to unlock the Raiju weapon in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

    Players can find the Raiju pistol inside the Increased criminal activity on Kress Street in Dogtown. Fast travel to this marker and enter the Barghest hideout that I showed in the first image. Eliminate the soldiers guarding the area and enter the facility. Follow the tunnel and you will reach the middle section with several guards and the boss. ross ulmer.

    This NPC has a lot of HP, so you need to use powerful weapons and quick tricks to deplete his health quickly. Once his HP reaches 50 percent, Ross Ulmer will retreat further into the facility. You can follow him, but first you’ll have to defend yourself from an armored guard and wall-mounted sentinels. Enter the tunnel, but be careful of the turrets and trap mines. I suggest disabling them using the scanner.

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    You will now meet Ross Ulmer once again, but he will have better weapons and military grade armor. You can easily defeat him if you keep fighting from cover; however, hitting the weak point on his back deals a ton of damage. After killing the boss, take the Cache access card from his body and head towards the locked hideout, which is marked by three blue skulls.

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    You will find the Raiju Tier 5+ Iconic Tech SMG on the table inside the cache room. The place also has other legendary items like Blood Pump cyberware and high-level clothing that you can get. As for the Raiju, it is a good weapon for close range, especially when you shoot at the head.

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