Genshin Impact Safe Operation World Quest Guide: Scenes from Life in Meropide


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    Scenes from Life in Meropide: Safe Operation is a Genshin Impact world quest that is unlocked by completing the Rich World game quest. It will reward you with credit coupons, which are necessary to boost the Game of Rich story. In Safe Operation, you must solve two drive valve puzzles. I’ll walk you through each of them below.

    All the puzzle solutions in Scenes of Life in Meropide Safe Operation – Genshin Impact

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    Scenes from life in Meropide: Safe Operation is automatically unlocked after waking up and talking to Caterpillar and the guards in Game of the Rich. Upon starting it, head to the northern Teleport Waypoint in Meropide Fortress, circled in the image above. Once you’re there, look north to find an elevator going down. Ride the elevator to reach the abandoned production area.

    Once you get there, approach the glowing spot to start a dialogue with Caterpillar. You will then be asked to solve the first puzzle.

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    Operate the actuation valve to open access to supply magazine 1.

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    Head inside the small clearing in the center of the room. Interact with the mechanism and select. Run to start solving the puzzle.

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    The screen will change to show a spinning wheel. Simply wait let the wheel turn six times, or until the the long hand points to the bottom right, as shown in the image above. As soon as you reach this position, select Arrest to stop the movement of the wheel. Doing so will open the door leading to Supply Depot 1.

    Enter Supply Warehouse 1

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    Before continuing, interact with the wheel in the center of the room and select Remove gear drive. This item is needed to activate the wheel later. Once this is done, enter the door you just opened (you can follow the navigator to the east if the instructions are confusing).

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    After climbing the ladder and entering the new room, you will find a valve in the center of the room. Interact with him to Install gear drive.

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    Next, interact with the nearby mechanism to Run he. Doing so will force the wheel to start spinning. Pay attention to the direction the long hand is facing.

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    Wait for the wheel to spin four times, or until the long hand is facing the staircase leading to the entrance to the east of the minimap, as shown above. As soon as the handle faces this direction, interact with the mechanism to Arrest it, locking the wheel position in place. The door above the ladder will open, creating an entrance to Supply Depot 1.

    From there, simply enter the door and approach the glowing spot to initiate dialogue with the NPCs. Don’t forget to claim your common breast reward later.

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