Roblox Haze Piece Gamepass Guide: Are They Worth It?


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    Haze Piece players can easily upgrade their character by throwing some Robux into the Gamepass. Although most of the freebies that come with Gamepass are cosmetic, there are still a few things that can help boost a player’s account very quickly. Haze Piece can be tricky, so consider purchasing these upgrades.

    Is Gamepass good for Haze Piece – Roblox?

    Custom Color Haki

    Cost: 299 Robux

    Given some of the high prices of gifts in Haze Piece Gamepass, this Custom Color Haki is quite reasonable. It won’t make or break anyone’s experience, but the custom color can be a nice bonus for anyone with extra Robux lying around.

    coffin ship

    Cost: 499 Robux

    It is very difficult to find a reason to buy a boat in Haze Piece. Yes, the Coffin Boat looks amazing. However, there are many faster ways to get around the map (especially for those with the Dragon or Phoenix fruit). I would only recommend it to those who really like the design of the boat.

    +50% drop rate

    Cost: 550 Robux

    This is definitely an invaluable benefit that players can’t find anywhere else. Tons of players fight things like Shark Sword in Shark Park. Adding 50% to the drop rate makes these items much easier to find.

    Dinosaur Mount

    Cost: 599 Robux

    The Dino Mount looks cool, but it’s also a little pricey. Almost 600 Robux for what comes down to a cosmetic doesn’t really scream value. That said, someone with an overload of Robux could do worse than buy it.

    The front boat

    Cost: 599 Robux

    The Striker Boat looks cooler and is more expensive than the Coffin Boat. So it’s a really hard sell, especially when many players have fought for Dragon or Phoenix and no longer need a ship.

    legendary fishing rod

    Cost: 599 Robux

    This item is really worth the Robux simply because players can get a return on investment here. The legendary fishing rod catches much better fish than the normal fishing rod; That means more experience and more money.

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    fruit bag

    Cost: 599 Robux

    Considering the other elements of this Gamepass, throwing Robux into the fruit bag can be a waste. Some players like to collect a lot of fruits, but that doesn’t apply to everyone.

    2x money

    Cost: 699 Robux

    The value of double money really depends on the player. Anyone who has already gotten their hands on a powerful fruit probably doesn’t need the extra money. The same goes for players who just want to focus on a fruit they got early. Otherwise, players who want to bet on better fruits should definitely consider doubling their monetary return.

    Unlimited Stat Refunds

    Cost: 799 Robux

    This also depends a lot on the player. A player who has read the guides and started the game prepared is probably already on the right track. Note that it only costs 50 gems to reset a stat. Therefore, unlimited stat refunds are only really good for players who want to try out a lot of different builds.

    dark blade

    Cost: 1199 Robux

    By raising the price, players will have a hard time spending money on Dark Blade. It’s a fantastic weapon, but it’s only really useful for those early in the game. Anyone who is level 350 or higher may already have 2 sword styles and a better weapon anyway.


    Cost: 1500 Robux

    Shelling out 1500 Robux is a very difficult thing to do. That makes VIP a really difficult investment. Players may benefit better from some of the other items on the list.

    Conqueror Spirit

    Cost: 2499 Robux

    This is actually a very smart purchase. The only other way to get Conqueror’s Spirit is to do the D-Clan Race, which has a 0.1% drop rate. Needless to say, purchasing Conqueror’s Spirit can save the player tons of work in an already intense game.

    Unlimited fruit bag

    Cost: 2550 Robux

    This can be valuable, but not in all cases. A player who likes collecting different fruits will of course love something like this. The same can be said for someone who wants to make good trades. However, there are some players who reaped really strong rewards early on and may not need the unlimited pool.

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    fruit notifier

    Cost: 2700 Robux

    There is almost no doubt that a Fruit Notifier offers value, but at 2700 Robux it is quite expensive. A player with a good amount of Robux might want to aim for something like this. but someone on a tighter budget might be forced to do without it.

    gear 4

    Cost: 3399 Robux

    It’s really hard to see a reason to buy this when any gamer can get Gear 4 for free just by playing. This item also only benefits rubber fruit users, so players who want to use a different fruit don’t even care.

    2x experience

    Cost: 3999 Robux

    Although it is the most expensive item here, it is also the best. Haze Piece is a grind and making that grind faster will be more than welcome anyway. Try to buy it after the initial game to make the most of the extra levels.

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