How to Switch Between Equipped Echo Skills in Wuthering Waves


    While our MC may have his gun to hack and slash enemies, he can also channel the abilities of the Echoes he captures on his adventure. However, in the Echoes menu you will be able to equip different Echoes in five slots, but in combat you will only see one Echo ability that you can use through the LB menu. So How do you change Echo’s abilities in Wuthering Waves??

    How to change the active Echo skill in Wuthering Waves

    Simply put, you can only use the ‘active skill’ of the Echo equipped in your top slot. Any other Echoes you have equipped in the slots below will only grant you “passive” abilities.

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    For example, in the screenshot above, only my Stonewall Bracer’s Echo ability will be something I can activate by pressing LB/L1 on a controller or Q on the keyboard.

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Any other Echoes you have equipped in lower slots will grant you their ‘Sonata Effects’. However, it is worth noting that to enable them you will need to meet the stated bonus requirements, indicated by the numbers in parentheses next to them. You can see this in the screenshot below.

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    As such, if you want to change your active Echo skill, you will need to place the Echo whose skill you want to use in the top slot. You may want to change your Echo ability depending on the combat situation and your party composition. For example, if you need your MC to heal more, it may be best to have Hoartoise in your top slot equipped that can provide healing.

    That’s all you need to know about how to change the active Echo abilities in Wuthering Waves. For more information on the game, check out our guides on how to farm Resonator EXP materials, use the Levitator to burn explosively charged thorns, and some WuWa codes to get free gifts.

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