Paper Trail is a nostalgic puzzle game about leaving home for the first time, now on PC and console


    In Paper Trail, you play Paige, who leaves home for the first time and heads to college. To help this young adult reach her destination, you must learn to fold the world around her and interact with her environment so that she can cross all paths as safely as possible.

    Paper Trail – a top-down puzzle game available on all platforms

    The Newfangled team has worked incredibly hard to bring this cozy game to all platforms. Released on May 21, 2024, Paper Trail allows players to change various elements of each page. Choose the parts of the page you want to rotate, rotate or fold the page diagonally or diagonally to change the shape of the paths around Paige.

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    You can also move platforms across the water to help it cross from one path to another. The game can be played on all platforms and is touchscreen compatible if you are using the Steam Deck. You can even use Netflix Games to play for free, as long as you have an active Netflix subscription. These are all the platforms on which Paper Trail is available to play: Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Steam and Netflix Games.

    Paper Trail is a top-down game, meaning you get an aerial view of the scene to interact with. When you look at a puzzle game from above, you can see the entire area and make decisions based on what you see.

    The story behind Paper Trail

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    Paper Trail begins with a dilemma. Paige has been accepted to college, but her parents don’t want her to go. She writes a letter to her parents, but a storm hits and she ends up needing your help to check on some people who have been stranded by the weather.

    To fold the pages and solve the puzzles, you must move Paige. If you don’t move it to a part of the page that isn’t torn before you start trying to fold the scene, you’ll have trouble folding it. Paige acts like a block in a puzzle, you can’t bend it over her, only around her. You can also use Paige to move objects that are in your way; At the beginning of the game, she moves a rock out of her way after you create space on the page to move it.

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    When you’ve finished the first set of puzzles, the prologue continues and you’ll learn about Paige’s struggles to create a path for herself that is blocked by her worried parents. She sets off in the middle of the night, on her first big adventure, and your job is to help her get there.

    It’s a test of patience to fold and unfold the pages of Paper Trail. You will solve puzzles in caves, forests, villages and many other handcrafted environments.

    The demo of the game was removed on the day of its release, so if you want to try it before buying it, I recommend downloading it on Google Play; as long as you have a Netflix subscription. If you don’t, the game is extremely affordable and perfect for puzzle lovers! In just $19.99You can enjoy Paper Trail’s watercolor environment from any screen in your home.

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