Outlast Trials Halloween event terrifies with new trial, cosmetics and more


    Halloween is the perfect time for horror games, and a new trial is coming to Outlast Trials on October 26, 2023. With the addition of new content to the game thanks to the game model, fans will be able to enjoy the content all year round , but Halloween is the best. time due to the horror nature of the game.

    The Halloween Outlast Trials event features a new trial, Program 4: Courthouse, and plenty of other content. Fans can enjoy new weekly shows, additional MK challenges, and Program Geister; a special limited-time Halloween event. Players can also expect new boosters, drives, recipes, cosmetics, mobile items, and more.

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    Additionally, a Sleep Room minigame will be added along with a new map and multiple quality of life improvements. The Halloween update is one of many, but it’s sure to get you into the spooky spirit. Watch the trailer for Outlast Trials Halloween on the red barrels YouTube channel and below.

    While the update is exciting for players who already own the game, an offer allows newcomers to get Outlast Trials at a discounted price. Outlast Trials is on sale for $24.00 USD, down 20%, from October 26, 2023 to November 2, 2023. Outlast Trials is in early access, but has a ton of content for fans of terror.

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