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    Halloween festivities have started to appear on Adoption Island and I couldn’t be more excited! From exclusive Halloween-themed pets to engaging and fun mini-games, Adopt me! He sure knows how to throw a party, and (like every year) all players are invited to help celebrate, including you! If you’re like me, you’re interested in collecting as much candy as possible while this holiday is on, which is why I created the short guide below that shows and explains just one of the many ways you can fill your gift. bag this year, playing (and winning) the new Tile Skip minigame.

    How to play and win the Tile Skip minigame in Adopt Me!

    Tile Skip is a team-based multiplayer minigame that requires players to escape a candlelit maze by finding and following the correct path across a large tile board. If players step on a wrong tile (a tile that is No part of the way), will fall and they will be sent back to their last checkpoint. The best way to win this minigame is to spread out your team and try as many tiles as you can in a given area, then move forward and do the same in the next area.

    What you don’t want to happen is for everyone on your team to suddenly stop, be afraid to try a new tile, and then everyone pile up on the road and wait for someone else to do it; Believe me, just take the initiative and don’t waste your time!

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    By unlocking the entirety of the correct path, you will earn 1500 sweets; If your team manages to escape the maze, you will earn a bonus of 1,500 candies, for a total of 3,000 candies.

    Screenshot of pro game guides


    That’s all about it! This minigame may seem intimidating at first, but it’s actually quite simple. As long as you pay attention to where your team is moving, you should be able to escape without problems!

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