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    Halloween festivities have started to appear on Adoption Island and I couldn’t be more excited! From exclusive Halloween-themed pets to engaging and fun mini-games, Adopt me! He sure knows how to throw a party, and (like every year) all players are invited to help celebrate, including you! If you’re like me, you’re interested in collecting as much candy as possible while this holiday is on, which is why I created the short guide below that shows and explains just one of the many ways you can fill your gift. bag this year, playing (and winning) the new Chickatrice Says minigame.

    How to play and win the Chickatrice Says minigame in Adopt Me!

    Chickatrice Says is an “every user for themselves” style minigame that challenges the player’s attention to detail and quick thinking by displaying a variety of colorful platforms that they must step on before it’s too late. When a round begins, the Chickatrice pet in the middle of the main platform will call out other platforms that are safe for you to step on; the rest of the platforms she doesn’t mention will fall, and any player standing on them will be eliminated from the game.

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    From time to time, an evil Unicorn pet will replace Chickatrice, who will do everything possible to trick you into losing. When the Evil Unicorn mascot appears, No go to any of the platforms they advertise, those are the ones that will go down! As an example, if Chickatrice says that the blue platform is safe, you can stand on the blue platform, but if Evil Unicorn says that the blue platform is safe, you must No stand on the blue platform. Each round will start and end faster than the last, so you’ll have to pay close attention to who’s in the middle and telling you where to go.

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    By joining the mini-game, you will automatically unlock 1500 candies; The longer you survive and the more rounds you play, the more candy you will earn in the end. Each time you survive a round, you will earn 200 candies, and you will earn an additional 200 candies if you are able to survive to the end of the minigame.

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    That’s all about it! This minigame may seem intimidating at first, but it’s actually quite simple. As long as you pay attention to who is instructing you, everything will be fine!

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