One Punch Man: World | New gameplay today


    One Punch Man is a great and often hilarious manga/anime about Saitama, the namesake of the franchise, who defeats every enemy he faces with a single punch. It works both as a great parody of anime characters constantly struggling to become strong and as a great action anime in its own right. As a video game, however, it struggles somewhat as Saitama It is necessary Defeat them all in one punch, which isn’t particularly exciting gameplay, forcing you to play as many of the other characters in the franchise, who sadly aren’t Saitama.

    One Punch Man: World is currently in closed beta and while it doesn’t specifically address any of these issues, it looks great and features some impressive action. It’s a free-to-play game, though, which means there are tons of mechanics and lots of different currencies to deal with. Join Marcus Stewart and I as we check out the game and share our thoughts. One Punch Man anime

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