How to get Void Energy and its rewards in Dead by Daylight Halloween Event 2023


    The Dead by Daylight 2023 Halloween event is here, bringing all of my favorite mechanics from last year’s event and more. One of the things you will notice is that you will earn Void Evergy by doing various tasks and activities on the map. If you don’t know what he does or how to farm him, this Dead by Daylight guide is here to help you.

    How to harvest vacuum energy in DBD

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    The best way to get Void Energy in Dead by Daylight is by collecting the energy orbs floating around the map. You can approach these orbs, and they will automatically approach your characters and you will gain some Void Energy.

    Another great way to collect void energy is by destroying the pumpkins around the map. These give you void energy and sometimes speed boosts, making them a great option. There are also other specific ways to obtain Void Energy for the survivors and the killer.

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    Gathering energy from the void as survivors

    There are two unique ways for survivors to gather void energy, as listed below.

    • You can repair Halloween generators to get power from the vacuum.
    • When you stun the Assassin carrying Void Energy, you will gain it from him.

    Collect void energy like assassins

    These are the two ways to get Void Energy to be the killer.

    • As a killer, you can hook survivors with Halloween hooks to gain void energy.
    • Another way to achieve this is by taking down a Survivor carrying Void Energy.

    Void Energy Rewards in Dead by Daylight

    Image via Behavior Interactive Inc.

    When you have enough Void Energy, you must find unstable rifts on the map and deposit Void Energy into them. Once these Unstable Fissures have enough collective energy from the survivors and the killer, they will become portals to the Void.

    In the Void, you will see many Haunts and can free them for 12 Void Energy. These Haunts can help you later increase your speed or catch the survivors or the killer. Ghosts are a great reward for collecting Void Energy as they can easily help you win the game.

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