Will Alan Wake 2 come to Steam? Answered


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    If you’re looking to jump into the mind-blowing world of Alan Wake 2, you’re probably trying to decide where is the best place to purchase the game, perhaps for the deluxe or pre-order editions. While previous Alan Wake games have been listed on Steam for PC players, you may be a little confused to discover that this won’t be the case this time. We have all the details for you below.

    Will Alan Wake 2 be on Steam?

    The short and simple answer to the question is:no, Alan Wake 2 will not be on Steam. While this may seem strange considering Alan Wake and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare were on the platform, it actually has a lot to do with the publishers of the experiences. Previous games in the series were originally published by Microsoft Studios, allowing them to be included on the Steam platform. However, Alan Wake 2 is published directly under Epic Games, meaning they will keep the game exclusively on their epic games store for PC players.

    It is unknown if this will change in the future, but for now, as long as Epic Games remains the publisher of the game, we can all assume that it will be found exclusively on their store, much to the disappointment of players who prefer Steam. . We will update this again in the future if anything changes.

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    All Alan Wake 2 platforms

    Even with Alan Wake 2 available exclusively on the Epic Game Store for PC, that doesn’t mean you can’t purchase versions of the game on other platforms. Alan Wake 2 will be available for Xbox Series X|Sas well as PlayStation 4/5 consoles, purchased in their corresponding game stores. The price of the game will vary slightly when purchased from Epic Games, costing $49.99 for the base game, while on consoles it will be $59.99.

    You will be able to enjoy the mysteries and horrors that come with Alan Wake 2 no matter which platform you choose to purchase it on. If Epic Games isn’t your preferred platform, maybe it’s time to buy a console and try it out there, or wait for it to be included on Steam in the future.

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