Nyang Yang Island: The Legendary Butler is an upcoming casual RPG featuring tons of cats.

    • The casual RPG is currently being featured in PlayX4 2024.
    • Create a healing center with over 50 different cats
    • Global version followed by Korean release in August 2024

    PawDragon is ready to make a mark on the ongoing Play X4 2024 Set in Korea, the four-man team is currently focused on its first mobile project, Nyangyang Island: The Legendary Butler, which is set to release in South Korea in August 2024.

    Nyangniang Island: The Legendary Butler is a casual RPG that combines strong storytelling with RPG elements. It centers around an island inhabited by magical cats, where you can engage in adventures and uncover secrets. You will be responsible for raising more than 50 cats, each with their own characteristics.

    The ultimate goal is to create a healing retreat, where one can come to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, your journey towards achieving this positivity will not always be a pleasant one. There are many dangers and you may have to lead a local hunt from time to time to avoid the dangers. The island and stadium are also watched over by rivals, who you also have to deal with.

    The gameplay will become really relaxing as you collect cats and participate in mini-games. A bit of strategy will also be required when it comes to setting growth goals for your cats. The cats themselves add a ton of lore to the game as they each have a specific background and several easter eggs related to their breed.

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    South Korea is also just the beginning for the title. The developers eventually want to expand their reach globally, possibly starting in countries like the Philippines and Singapore, where cats are popular. June should also see the soft launch of the English version. Then further decisions will be made based on feedback.

    There isn’t much information about the game right now, but that should change soon. You can stay updated on everything about Nyangnyang Island: The Legendary Butler by following them. Instagram handle.


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