How to play Yinlin at the beginning of Wuthering Waves


    Finding new bugs in video games is like finding hidden treasure, and Wuthering Waves is no different with some incredible bugs. One of these bugs allows you to access Yinlin before the banner’s planned release date, and this guide will teach you how to achieve this.

    How to get access to Yinlin before his banner in Wuthering Waves

    The Yinlin banner is scheduled to be released on June 12. To get early access to Yinlin, all you need to do is set your system date to a time in the future. The process seems daunting at first, but it is quite simple.

    To start getting the Yinlin Trail early, you need to wait until the banner appears on the event screen in Wuthering Waves. Once the banner is there, follow these steps to play Yinlin early.

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    • Go to your desktop, right click on the date and time on your screen and select Adjust date and time option.
    • This will open the Settings app, where you’ll see a bunch of different settings.
    • Turn off Set time zone automatically and Set time automatically.
    • Now, an option to change the time will appear under the Set time automatically setting.
    • Click on it, edit dateand set it up anywhere in the future before June 12.

    By the way, the steps are similar for mobile devices. Don’t forget to unsync your watch first.

    Now that your system time is set, it’s time to start Wuthering Waves on your device.

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    Follow these steps to get early access to Yinlin when the banner appears:

    • Go to the Events menu from the top right of the screen.
    • Move to down to find the Yinlin banner and select Yinlin.
    • Lastly, press Continue to start playing as Yinlin for judgment.

    Please note that these steps will not allow you to support Yinlin; just play like her. However, it will help you decide whether to eliminate or skip Jiyan.

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