No earphones are dead, Sennheiser launched the headset to target the users of music


    Sennheiser turned on the CES 2023 to present a new pair of wired headphones designed for beginners of realistic sound.

    Sennheiser KI 200 muffler // Source: Sennheiser iB200 / iWerk.

    That doesn’t mean that if the market for wireless headphones has exploded in terms of nomadic audio for a few years, it will not be enough if the wireless headphones have its ultimate promise. Sennheiser, at the conference CES 2023 in Las Vegas, presented a new pair of headphones that act as a hearing aid, but the manufacturer announced that the new pair of wired headphones, designed for listeners, the Sennheiser IE 200.

    So, Sennheisers IE is compatible with the German brands’ in-ear headphones. These headphones were designed most to enjoy a quality of sound thanks to a lossless transmission and a wireless transmission with codecs which inevitably compress the sound quality.

    Headphones can enjoy natural sound.

    In terms of technical characteristics, the Sennheiser IE 200 are also in-ear headphones with removable cables. I think that this is always the type of element that needs to be repaired first on wired headphones, and therefore it will be easy to replace it. These headphones also have an extra-wide band transducer, 7 mm in diameter, designed to reproduce all the sound from the sound. Sennheiser transmits on a natural sound signature and is worthy of high-end headphones and is very good for audiophiles. Sennheiser, also providing an array of tips with its headphones, can be used in different parts of the body, foam or silicone.

    Sennheiser IE 200 headphones // Source: Sennheiser IE 200.

    Sennheiser headphones IE 200 // Source: Sennheiser headphones IE 200.

    Of course, to benefit from this type of headphones’ sound, you need to have a source and a compatible device. They are more likely to be used using a DAC, for example in a dedicated audio player. The headphones should stand out from the good quality audio files, whether it be CD-like or high-resolution.

    The Sennheiser IE 200 earphones are already available for pre-order and will be sold for sale from January 31. They’ll be exhibited at the price of 149.90 euros.

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