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Last of Us TV show is changing how its not-zombies work to become realer


The Last Of Us Remastered (PS4) creator and writer Craig Mazin first got stuck in calling The Last of Us the greatest story that has ever been told in video games (pic: Sony): the movie’s original theater.

Infected people who are infected with The Last Of Us have seen a renovation of the TV show for realism, so they have no obligation to wear gas masks.

One of the common reasons why movies and television adaptations of video games seldom fail to look like their source material. A change for the adaptation is necessary, but many videogame movies are mocked with issues like its creators.

Things have certainly improved recently, but popular adaptations like Netflixs Castlevania and live action Sonic The Hedgehog aren’t easy to adapt.

The same will certainly be true for the next The Last Of Us TV show. While the game seems very authentic, creators Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin have since revealed they have fundamentally changed their theory.

In case you don’t know the game, the infected are basically zombies. They look like the undead, but their concept is basically based on the real type of parasite fungus called Cordyceps that infects insects with the game featuring a mutated version that also infects humans.

Although suffocating by all the world inspired, Druckmann and Mazin still felt that concept was not grounded enough (at least a mutant mushroom outbreak can be) and decided to reconsider how Cordyceps infections would work.

We wanted to put this show to the test of science as fast as possible. The game did pretty good, especially in a genre that would be easy to say, Oh, there’s zombies, but the zombies come out of the air. Mazin explained in a recent Collider interview that he liked the game.

Cordyceps is a fascinating concept and is absolutely real. We wanted to push it a bit further. We wanted to give us as much reality as we can, because as real as it is, the more we connect with those characters who play around.

Although they didn’t go to deep examination of the specifics, it seems the original method of infection is the primary change. This disease spread through spores, which makes the character prone to wearing gas masks in certain sections.

Instead, the TV show is about to see the infected use tendrils latch onto people.

I shopped the game, and people wore gas masks, so we decided that the show wouldn’t be fun, according to Druckmann.

Eventually, those conversations uncovered these tendrils. And then, just thinking about how there is an interconnection there is to a passage that happens from one infected to another, and the way they do it, there could soon become a network that is interconnected. It became very scary to think they were all working against us in a unified way, which was a concept that I really liked and that was developed in the show.

Should gas masks really have affected the show quality? (pic: HBO MAX/PLANET PHOTOS)

Druckmann doesn’t explain why they didn’t want actors to wear gas masks. But to make sure you can see the actors faces then, he knows, as the director of both games, they seldom use them in either of the two games.

Even if they had opted instead, there were certain gas masks that don’t obscure your face.

Mazin suggests that the change of infected ties into the theme of the series’s entire line of perspective, referring to his observation of Cordyceps that combines the complexity of the frankness and the character’s story with a large theme, and, strangely enough, tie into the notion of love, beauty and potential danger.

Among the reasons for who we wanted to do was reassure others that everything that we built here is actually reflected in the story he created for us, who was inspired and adapted from the work he performed on the game and the fact that they had really been living on the matter. The relationship between Joel and Ellies is the same about.

Why tendrils are more realistic than spores is unclear, but a broader change looks arbitrary, and is very important to fans.

Mazins earlier statement, that the realer this is, the more we savor more from the characters is, too, strange, since there are endless, unrealistic stories that the audience can connect with and relate to.

Even the best-loved Pedro Pascal star in a comedy game. In a neophyte universe nobody sees him in front of his face. Insistence on not to have infected aren’t really zombies also seems odd, considering they are in the details.

The first episode of The Last Of Us’s Netflix on January 15 – although there is no word what will happen at the time of the event.

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