Nefarious money sink Chocobo GP is end of support already


    Chocobo GP was launched in May in an exclusive edition of the Nintendo Switch. Square Enix finally ended its support for the title. The Square Enix support website revealed that Season 5 was the last season that would include a large-scale update. The ranking of the game will continue after season 5, but there will be no prize pass levels. Besides, the product-related items being discontinued in the Nintendo online store will be discontinued in the month following today’s launch.

    Mythril is an expensive currency that players can use real-world money to buy. If players first own Mythril then they can still use mythril beyond Season 5, but everything you get on IoT will fail on January 06, 2023. Players cannot receive a refund for Mythril and Square Enix encourages players to use their Mythril before a currency goes away. The items that continue to be added to Mythril store during season 5 are added to the Ticket and Gil store at the same time. Players can then buy same items without spending any Mythril if it’s no longer an option.

    Square Enix claims any item sold during the previous four seasons can be added to the Ticket or Gil shops later. Certain items that were part of the first season or who were awarded Prize Level rewards can be sold by the Ticket or Gil Shops. I was delighted with the inclusion of Mythril in Chocobo GP because of the price of that item. Mythril has been sold for the last 20 years. After five months after purchasing Mythril, players won’t be able to use the system. Fans were not pleased to find out that their premium in-game currency that they must use real-world money can’t be used after a few months.

    While the game opened very quickly at the launch and continued to count a strong player count during March, the Chocobo GP lost the most points as the year passed. Although many players play that game, the substance of the game is out of the way, and it’s a criticism for its many currencies and grinded. For our money, Chocobo GP ended up being one of the most disappointing games of 2022.


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