How to keep loot in Dark and Darker


    Dungeon diving and death go hand in hand in Dark and Darker. This applies to the undead you face on their dungeon maps and other players. Once you are killed, you will leave behind any loot you have collected during the round. This may leave you wondering how to escape and keep your loot in Dark and Darker.

    How to escape with loot in Dark and Darker

    To escape with your collected loot in Dark and Darker, you will need to find a escape portal. These appear randomly, usually closer to the end of the round. Take a look at stones with blue cracks running through them. Once you find one, press F to interact with it and activate the portal. When the portal appears, enter it to escape and return with the loot you found.

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    Besides, other players can enter the portals that you activate and vice versa. Activating an escape portal takes a few seconds, leaving you vulnerable. Make sure there are no other players nearby before activating one, or you may die. You can also activate portals or view them before they activate to eliminate unsuspecting players.

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    Can you keep your loot after dying in Dark and Darker?

    When you die in Dark and Darker, you will lose all the loot you have collected. However the boot kit in your character will persist. This means you don’t lose everything and can quickly return to another dungeon for more loot.

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    Dark and Darker requires a balance between moving on and knowing when to run away. Being greedy can lead to a quick death. Make sure you’re ready to escape when you activate a portal. Other players may appear out of nowhere and steal your portal or kill you before you can escape, causing you to lose all your loot.

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