Disney Dreamlight Valley Mods – How to Download and Use



    Playing with mods installed can really spice up your gameplay for any video game, so why not Disney Dreamlight Valley? If you have the Steam version of the game on PC, you can make it happen! That’s how.

    How to install and use mods in Disney Dreamlight Valley on PC

    If you want to get mods for the PC version of Disney Dreamlight Valley, there is a way that we have found to make this work. Make sure you are using the Steam version of Disney Dreamlight Valley on PC for this to work. Follow these steps to use mods in your game file:

    • Discharge BepInExa mod loader.
    • Move your BepInEx files to the Disney Dreamlight Valley installation folder.
    • run the game as always. Close it once you get to the main screen.
    • Download the modality you want in nexus mods
    • Unzip mod folder Then drag the mod files to the plugins folder from BepInEx.
    • You can now play with your installed mods!

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    Can you use Disney Dreamlight Valley mods on consoles?

    If you’re a Dreamlight Valley console gamer, you’ll understandably want to get in on the modding fun. But it doesn’t seem so easy for non-PC gamers. As of now, there is there are no clear ways to download mods in disney dreamlight valley for consoles. Even if you could find a way to download mod files to your console, there seems to be no way to run these mods on the system.

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