MultiVersuss Latest Patch adds the Spectator Mode



    Multiversuss new update adds a spectator mode that lets players watch as Arya Stark beats Batman to a pulp.

    Yes, the update features other tweaks and fixes, but spectator mode isn’t likely to be of real interest to MultiVersus enthusiasts. This feature can be played on the free-to-play platform brawlers Custom Game. You can’t just play a random game without knowing them. But if you host a tournament, it can be done to show that your Smash Bros-style shenanigans are worth watching.

    In addition to the entertainment factor, observers can take a look at the game’s action tips. There is also the option to watch watch bots battle it out, though it is not clear how helpful it will be, stripped of human factor. But players have long used this time to find a spectator mode, and now developer Player First Games has delivered.

    What else does the update fix for? You can find the patches here, but there are some significant changes/fixes:

    • Some Black Adams voices were not playing properly.
    • Batman can now cancel one of his two frames earlier.
    • A Harley Quinn bug can be exploited by players, but it’s not possible.
    • A reduced figure of these women may be found elsewhere.

    The notes help explain some of the teams’ future plans for various brawlers. Batman, for example, will get new combinations and Morty will become more of a bruiser.

    The update, with spectator mode in its name, is now available. You can read our impressions here and pick it up on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.



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