eGames League 2022, Winterfinals gave a great show in the winter



    On Sunday, 18th December, LeSports Italian reached a new peak. In Forli studios, the EGA team was able to build a day of the winter finals in theeGames League. On the central stage leading the event, Damiano Santi and Edoardo Cianciosi (Eddythecaster) led an event that could win over all the Battle Royal lovers.

    Let’s look at the nature of the day.

    CoD: Warzone 2:

    The players of Call of Duty: Warzone open a showmatch, 2v2 in collaboration with House of Gamers which saw the pair Wartex and Bblade of Finiks and Goskilla win over the duo DSYRE. The boys, well at finding with an excellent performance, had a thrilling win of the final three, which took them to the final round, using the careful analysis of the two exceptional Casters Panni and Pibo.


    The victory victory of team Twentystars by the Ardi-Ricky couple of players who won the 300 Jackpot and the ticket for the grand final.


    An epic BR triptych was closed with a Legend of Respawn that also reached the winter phase, followed by two tough-fought challenges on which twenty best italian teams will take off in Worlds Edge and Storm Pass map – four match obviable for the title and a relative prize of 500 reserved for the second and second place positions. While taking part in the competition, the well-known names won on the field for a short time, which allowed the public to easily excite the public. In an impressive year, the Italian leader went with his teammates AndyJax, Shex and Willemkh of the team ANC OutPlayed.

    Apex Legends won the Winter Finals.

    It was a day filled with emotions, particularly on Sunday. The final gem of the project, which was long with the name Apex, was the brief ceremony at the delivery of an Apex Awards 2022. Five different categories were awarded, most notably best content creator, best female content creator, best competitive player, best dummy and best clip, respectively to Ventibird, MadMorona, Shrp, ANC OutPlayer and Mox (contended in the latter case a wonderful gamble of kills with the Kraber, the iconic sniper rifle of the game).

    The conclusion of the egames tournaments in 2022 was a worthy conclusion from an extended year that has given such a huge amount of value to the national eSports world. During a live stream that you can see on the Twitch Channel, the eGames team promised a lot of work and a huge show, in view of the new year, which prompted the announcement to the grand final on June 11 in the Cinecitta World theater.



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