Japan’s first Pokemon Parade to be followed by Pikachu and Charizard



    Pokemon will be one of the two gaming franchises that will feature in Universal Studios Japan’s forthcoming No Limit Parade early next year, along with Mario Kart.

    A 30-second trailer for the parade posted today on the theme park official YouTube channel showed floats and mascots, the most beloved Pokemon characters. It includes Pikachu, Charizard, Smeargle, Gengar, Ho-Oh, and Lugia.

    The Pokemon floats main attraction saw fire and smoke-breathing Charizard, and Pikachu was seen dancing. The No Limit Parade starts in March 2023.

    Depending on the ‘Dougat’ game, the theme is to be played by Mario and Bowser, along with the finish line of the rainbow road where the game consists of competitions. There are some of the franchises that were seen in the trailer also, Hello Kitty and the Minions, though it remains unknown when the two franchises will debut at the parade.

    It followed a news out of the Pokemon anime, that the protagonist Ash Ketchum, will finally join his main buddy Pikachu in the next year. They are replaced by two new Pokemon trainers, Riko and Roy. Both of them will embark on their journey into the Paldea region in May 2023. Today, there are only a few details about the new poster boy and girl of Pokemon, such as their starters Sprigatito, Qualy and Fuecoco, all originating from the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.



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