Bandai Namco Reveal Free Demos for One Piece Odyssey


    The original release of the game last week is One Piece Odyssey. The demo of the show will come on the 13th January. You’ll get a free demo just three days later. The author of Bandai Namco has given some details of what the demo will be like: “Beyond the Bojane”

    The one piece Odyssey demo will be released on January 10 on all current gaming platforms where the project will be released. As part of this demonstration, the players will be allowed to try the beginning of the game for one-and-a-half hours. As part of the demo, Luffy and the people on a mysterious island called Waford meet and meet with Lim and Adio. The authors of this demo want to show that One Piece Odyssey isn’t your typical slow JPRG. Progress from the Odyssey one can take, and full to the full game. access to the special item Gold Jelly.

    Watch one of the Odyssey: One Piece.


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