Taipei’s new Pokémon center has left fans in the West furious.


    Looks like you’ll need to start saving up those air miles, because a brand new Pokémon Center is getting ready to open its doors in Taipei, Taiwan. Unlike the pixel versions of many Pokemon games, these Pokemon Centers aren’t veterinary surgeries to take your sick animals. Instead, they’re a merchandise haven for Pokefans.

    Welcoming us inside the first Pokemon Center in 1998 (since the Mega moved twice to the Tokyo location), Japan outlets have grown like wildfire. The most recent was Okinawa in August 2022, but unfortunately, it’s rare that a Pokemon Center opens and stays outside of Japan.

    Fans of Taipei’s Pokemon Center are the envy of the West.

    While we knew that Taiwan’s Pokémon Center was opening in December 2023, we now have a chance to get a closer look thanks to Serebii. We don’t have an exact location yet, however, there is an impressive batch of concept art to see what we have in store.

    With each Pokemon Center having its own mascot, we also know that Taipi will spread its wings with Dragonite’s watch over it. While the news hit online, it caused an uproar from people in the West lamenting the fact that we don’t have our own Pokemon Center.

    One critic raved, “Still no/very expensive Europe shipping. When will the European Union warehouse? I think they can make a lot of money.“While the other said angrily,”I hope they put it in America. The Pokemon section in the Nintendo NYC store is pathetic.

    There is an online Pokemon Center for those in regions including the US and UK, but still someone wrote, “They love everywhere except America.“Others are being shut down altogether,” concluded a frustrated Diskel.When is Pokemon Center in Australia? Or at least shipping on it

    The Sad History of Pokemon Centers

    Click to enlarge.

    Despite the abundance of Pokémon Centers in Japan, other stores are mostly limited to pop-ups or short-lived ventures. The biggest loss is undoubtedly the New York Pokemon Center, which opened in 2001, was refitted as Nintendo World Shop in 2005, and then became Nintendo New York in 2016.

    The UK had a temporary store that sold a beloved bowler hating Pikachu in 2019, and has since celebrated the World Championships, while France had the honor of Europe’s first outlet in 2014. Even comments from people in Taiwan suggest opening a Pokemon Center in Taipei. There is an exceptional selection compared to the larger markets.

    As it stands, the online Pokemon Center’s offerings are pretty limited, and while there are solutions, it can result in massive shipping costs. Still, as Taipei joins Singapore as the second (currently open) Pokemon Center outside of Japan, we’re sure we’ll be sure to drop by if we’re ever in the area.


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