Epic Games cleared the future of Fall Guys after massive layoffs.


    Despite being one of the financial institutions in the gaming industry, Epic Games has just lost a large portion of its staff.

    In a very dark twist, Epic Games recently announced that it would be laying off about 830 employees, which would take a 16 percent stake in the company.

    To a large extent, fans are concerned for the future of the company and its subsidiaries. Alongside Fortnite, it features the talented teams at Mediatonic, developers of Fall Guys. Now, Epic Games has come forward to put the speculations to rest.

    The gaming industry debates Mediatonic.

    There are reports coming out that indicate the complete demise of Mediatonic, but there are others in the industry who are putting these claims on blast.

    Dexerto claimed online that the entire team had been fired, garnering 7.8 million views at the time of recording – but almost immediately, a context box appeared below the tweet making it clear that Not true.

    Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier added that while the team was hit hard by the layoffs, the company is still intact.

    As Dexerto responded to Schreier’s tweet by adding to the not-yet-deleted tweet thread, the journo clapped back, saying, “By ‘claim now’ I think you mean ‘had to clear up the misinformation we spread to millions of people.’“Ahh.

    Epic Games clears up rumors about Mediatonic’s demise

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    Talking with Eurogameran Epic Games spokesperson has shot down the rumors, suggesting that “Mediatonic’s work on Fall Guys is a company priority.” That suggests those bouncing beans will continue under their own steam, though it’s certain that Epic’s layoffs will have some consequence.

    Schreier said that Mediatonic “was hit very hard“Through the layoffs, but Epic suggests otherwise. Even in the wake of some sad layoffs and industry drama, it’s good to know that the Mediatonic team will continue their good work on Fall Guys — even if we’re all a little Feeling a little warm.


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