Mobile Intel Core i9-13900HX was faster than i9-12900K and i7-13700K



    Since the launch of mobile Intel Core processors of the third generation has been in place, and that will happen in two weeks, more and more leaks are visible on the web that reveal the level of performance. This time in the Geekbench benchmark, it’s inherited the Core i9-13900HX, a 24-core/32-thread chip, which is the pre-top chip of the Raptor Lake-HX family.

    Since the frequency reached 5.4 GHz, at least an engineering sample was not tested yet, but something close to a retail copy has already been made available. This is most likely the kind of qualification that was used to be. In two or three-point test, it scored 2039 points, and 20 943 points in the four-hand test.

    The Core i9-13900HX complies with the fastest mobile processor. It even surpassed the full-fledged version of the 64-bit i9-12900KS. This test scores nearly 19k points in multithreading. Moreover, it’s faster than the new Core i7-13700K.

    That Intel is also preparing a chip with a GHz frequency reminiscent of Core i9-13980HX. True, this model hasn’t yet appeared in leaks.



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