It rained 5 times in call of duty history to take advantage of the top five times



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    In the year we got the top five of Call of Duty, one who once voted the winning war was robbed. It sometimes becomes very bad when you get to an operation, but it does create a great story. That pair were roosters as Jack, but were vulnerable to events.

    1. Karma humiliates Patman.

    Télégram on YouTube via CWL.

    Search and Destroy can play host to various truly incredible plays, but sometimes, these plays don’t work like what players intended.

    This was perfectly displayed during the Black Ops three season in a match between OpTic Gaming and TSM. Damon Karma Barlow and Jonathan Pacman Tucker were in a 1-vs-1 battle on Hunted Search and Destroy. Karma was forced to plant the bomb but Pacman came behind him as he planned. Pacman put a penchant for a Argus, so he could shoot him at the same time he was finished planting the bomb.

    Like Jack Ryan, Pacman took the risk without his teams’ help. However, as these things go, Pacman missed his shot, making Karma use his Heat Wave ability, turn around and killed Pacman for the victory.

    2. FormaL FTL gets past Clayster.

    Special abilities have made for many entertaining plays over the years. In Infinite Warfare, Matthew FormaL Piper and OpTic stood by James Clayster eubanks and FaZe Clan. OpTic needed one round to win the map, but FormaL and Clayster were 1v1. Fortunately for Clayster, he knew exactly where FormaL was and he was able to stand the perfectly position.

    Unfortunately, his shots were very precise, so for FormaL a moment could use his FTL jump ability, throw Clayster off and shoot him easily for the win. The formaL reading of the CoD situation embodies Jack Ryan’s intuitive spirit but the moral of this story is: don’t miss shots on enemies with specialist abilities.

    3. The Lightning Strike with more power is a disaster.

    There are few in-game items with better powers than killstreaks. These are usually the greatest goal for players to earn throughout the game, if they turn the tide toward a team by the blink of an eye. Of course if they’re misused incorrectly, they can turn the tide for the opposing team almost instantly. The FaZe Clan player Matthew Skrapz Marshall figured out this tough in a Black Ops 4-Welcome event.

    Skrapz is getting quite well on Gridlock Hardpoint, taking a long killstreak and earning a Lightning Strike. This streak is used to clear a team off of a Hardpoint, which Skrapz wanted to use for.

    When the strike arrived, he didn’t check his teammates’ location. Even if it’s rational, being an impulse is a character trait that even John Krasinskis Jack Ryan sometimes is guilty of. Unfortunately in this case, Skrapz’s impulsivity led him to death almost every one of his teammates, including himself, in one fell swoop.

    4. Your biggest man is him.

    An old saying said that the worst enemy you can encounter will always be yourself. That doesn’t always apply in CoD, but don’t tell Sean Pemby Pembroke that. At the time of the infinite war, Pemby and his Amity team were playing the Search and Destroy match with the Str8 Rippin. The map was 3/3 and Pemby was in 1v1 easily winning. Having put on an extraordinary maneuver against Pemby, not winning the round.

    For the least, this didn’t work out in her favor. Pemby got killed in the worst way possible, jumping off the map and losing the round for his team. Even though it isn’t a traditional jacked killing, this rogue run is a hulk infamy.

    5. Clayster’s brother was shot.

    With search and destroy there’s no better way to see your enemies in defenseless positions, especially in the 1st season. Most of the time, it is impossible for a defenseless player to escape. In comparison to Jack, there’s always a chance that the unexpected will happen in CoD, and Clayster was on the wrong side of history again.

    During an Infinite Warfare map of Search and Destroy on the Crusher, Clayster was in a 1-vs-1 loss against Jonathan John Perez. Clayster knew where John was headed, leaving him a few seconds later on the CB, looking at the bomb site. Since John was planting, Clayster began to shoot him, which should have been an easy kill.

    Unfortunately for Clayster, John reacted swiftly at the right time, using his jetpack to soar through the air, and robbed Clayster to win the round.

    Tom Clancys Jack Ryan on Prime Video. It’s courtesy of Prime Video.



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